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How To Attract True Love

The era we live in is a period of diversity. Even though our society is freer it is common to be lonely. The quick rhythms, the presence of technology, and the constant chase of a successful career distract us from finding our soulmates. In any case, the important thing is to find someone who can give you a meaningful relationship.

Otherwise, you are just planning your next breakup. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve the self-awareness you need to have to attract the ideal partner for you.

  1. Don’t be a taker or a caretaker
    Most of us have several insecurities. To overcome them we reach other people in the wrong way. Some of us tend to be takers. We demand attention and love from others in a narcissistic effort to be loved. Others chose the role of the caretaker. We give as much as possible to be liked by others. Their approval reflects the approval of our parents and makes us look good in our own eyes. There are plenty of people out there that can take any of those two roles but none of them can give you true love. To get there you need to have a deep look at your personality, your confidence, your self-love, and the respect you can show to your real needs. In other words, become a better person and a more independent one.

  2. Observe carefully
    First of all, you have to observe yourself. Have you been single for a long time? How long do you stay in a relationship? What is it that most of the time makes you want to break up? Are there certain things that bother you? Which moments do you enjoy most when you are in a relationship? Once you are done with that, take a closer look at how others react to your needs. This way you will get an idea of where you should turn to to find what you want. For example, if you want your partner to be an artist you can start some dancing lessons. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated to their career you could watch for people in your working environment.

  3. Know what you want and what you do not want
    To attract the right company you have to know what is best for you. Based on your previous experience and the knowledge you have about yourself, make a list of the ideal other half. Actually, you have to make two lists, one with all the stuff you want the other person to have and be and one with what you want to avoid. Make sure you provide details on your list. This is simply happening to help you clarify what you have to watch out for so that the next time you come across with someone that is made for you, you will go ahead and grab the opportunity. Writing things down on paper is important to give a solid base to your feelings and understand what is going on with your inner self.

  4. Visualize what you want
    Once you have a clear understanding of your needs you can start visualizing that. It is the so-called Law of Attraction. The idea is that you start living your day adding some space for the imagination. The Law of Attraction is supposed to help you get close to any goal you set your mind to, so it applies to finding love as well. Spend some time during the day to visualize a life that you share with your ideal partner. What are they like? How nicely do they make you feel? Try to experience all these positive feelings that the presence of love provides to you. Once you get to feel a happy life due to these visualizations you are more likely to attract the ones that fit this scenario.

  5. Let the game start
    Finally, you cannot expect to meet anyone unless you go out there and let yourself be involved in the game. Socialize is your number one priority. The love of your life can be friends with one of your existing friends. Organize social events and invite people to them. You can also go out to bars and clubs to meet people there. Wherever you see chances go ahead and seize the opportunity. Be open and let yourself love and be loved. If that exhausts you and makes you tired, respect your own limits and set your boundaries on how far you would like to go. Remember that self-love has to do with spoiling you and giving you what you want and not what you are supposed to want.

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