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Boredom – A Life Killer. How to Overcome It

To start with, we would have to take some of the guilt that is associated with boredom out of the kitchen. Recent research found out that passing the stage where you are being bored is a necessary step to become creative. Especially young kids that often get distracted by technology, face serious issues. Screens keep kids occupied all day long, not leaving space for ”blank time” where kids can get bored and find the motivation to discover their own ways to make themselves happy and excited. So, being bored is a common issue and sometimes it can actually lead us to be authentic. However, most of the time, it comes with negative effects. It drives us to the kitchen to find food or makes us frustrated up to the point that we refuse to leave the uncomfortable situation.

What can we do to overcome this point? Let’s get some ideas.

  1. Make wise choices
    Have you ever thought that the reason why you are bored is simply that you don’t like what you are doing? Instead of trying to focus on something you have limited interest in, skip this activity and move towards something you like. The fact that you are being bored is a sign that you don’t like the particular activity and you have to respect your personal preferences. In other words, don’t push it. By the time you are an adult, you have probably learned most of the stuff that can prove essential for your survival and development. If something is not pleasant it is a waste of time and you will obviously never become good at it if your heart is not set to it.
  2. Find motivation
    Still, there are cases where we just have to do some stuff. Remember why you have to do them in the first place. It is a common truth that most people would rather do something than doing nothing. This is not a strong motivation to be occupied. Once you have made a choice and you know you have to do something, stay positive about the result and the approach you will have to adapt to make it happen. If you can’t find the essential motivation to complete your task go back and rearrange your goals. Sometimes it is not about a fat paycheck, it is about having the quality you need in your life. Motivation is the number one parameter to stay happy, don’t underestimate it.
  3. Don’t think about it
    Overthinking is a modern life’s killer. Apart from making us anxious it decreases our levels of productivity and leads us to further frustration. Instead of avoiding doing what you have to do simply try to stay focused on the activity rather than what this offers you or how things will be after you complete a particular task. If it helps you can use an alarm clock and force yourself to fight against the clock. This will give you the motivation to be done with what you dislike before the alarm rings. After you complete your tasks you will be slightly happier than before. Once you repeat this experience a couple of times your subconscious will learn that you have to do things quickly before you get bored and you will start following this pattern automatically.
  4. Prioritize and plan
    Start your day or week with what you enjoy most and what you have to do anyhow. Prefer to do the things you dislike at the time you are restful to make sure you do these tasks successfully. Keep a schedule of the things you must do and to those first. For the rest, you will have to figure out whether they are necessary or whether you can skip them completely. In the end, keep a score of those you are excited to do and see how you deal with your plan. If it doesn’t work as you expected go back and rearrange it in a way that best suits you.
  5. Have a break
    You may not be familiar with what you are going to read now, but boredom and busyness can be the two sides of a coin. Even when we tend to be busy most of the time this doesn’t mean we are cool. Often in both cases, we have a deep feeling of being disconnected and we avoid dealing with that. We are unable to become motivated because we don’t know who we are. Meditation can do a great job here. It is important to address this technique when we experience feelings of boredom. Instead of trying to find something to do, put a pause and stop thinking completely. To succeed in that, we suggest starting with a guided meditation and for only a few minutes. Remember, you don’t wanna push it, you wanna be friends with yourself.

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