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Top 6 Jobs With Future In The United States

Unemployment rises in the United States and while big cities don’t seem to suffer from depression, people who live in the suburbs face the effect of financial crisis every day.  Some people will turn to traditional career choices and others will just try to play it safe. For the majority, unemployment is a greater threat compared to having a job that pays less. Some will compromise and others will not, in any case, we provide suggestions to all of those who are searching for jobs with a future in the United States. In this article, we present you the top six professions that seem to have a future in American society in the upcoming years. Some of them were expected to be on the list while some others will surprise you and make you reconsider choices of the past.

  1. Software developer
    Software developers are in great need all over the globe. The increase of the internet has led to a tremendous demand in the field of software. All human activity that used to be done physically is now expected to be done through screens. The salaries depict the picture in the market nowadays and the profession can be a perfect choice offering a variety of benefits. Working remotely is also an option for many software developers while unemployment is out of the question.

  2. Nurse
    A typical requirement to become a nurse is a Bachelor’s degree and the annual income is not expected to overcome $80,000. At the same time, you are not expected to get promoted. However, the need for nurses to staff hospitals is growing. The modern way of living has eliminated fresh meals and exercise that gave space to junk comfy food and unhealthy habits. The result is that more and more people appear to have health problems and require to be taken care of by professionals. The situation is not only related to Covid-19 increased need for medical assistance but is expected to last for over a decade.

  3. Financial manager
    Finances and computers are always in fashion. According to some analysts, financial managers are expected to be the 3rd or 4th top profession in demand. The lack of leading figures that can plan a safe future of a big company has led the existence of financial managers to become necessary. Managing and coordinating monthly reports are not the only concerns in the financial manager’s tasks. Analyzing the targets is maybe what makes this job so demanding and good managers so useful.

  4. Industrial engineers
    America is still under construction. Contrary to European countries, where most buildings have been built in previous centuries, America has a lot of space to build new constructions. Industrial engineers are responsible for a whole bunch of stuff and finding trustworthy people is not so easy. A plan for the workflow that will have to be followed is what will allow the company to meet the budget goals. In addition, they are responsible for any inefficiencies that may take place. Add this up and you have a nice understanding of why their profession is now important.

    Engineer And Apprentice Meet On Floor Of Engineering Workshop
  5. Esports coach
    With all interesting parts of human life being transferred on the web, the discussion about the future of esports coaches is optimistic. Many athletes are in great need of motivation also and esports coaches can also offer that. It is estimated that the industry of esports will double in the next decade opening plenty of opportunities for people who like to be involved in sports. Coaching is essential and useful and if you are into sports we recommend you to give it a try.
  6. Counselors on substance abuse and mental health
    Sad bad true, the consumption of illegal substances in the United States has increased rapidly leaving people helpless and in huge need of support. It was no longer than three years ago where campaigns about the issue were released to raise awareness to average Americans. It is estimated that one out of ten Americans suffers from substance abuse and requires help from professionals. Last but not least, mental illnesses don’t seem to be less of a problem for the country that will have to invest a serious amount of money to help people recover and become productive for society again.

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