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Are You Familiar With The Three Apples That Changed The World?

It is ironic but the world would not have been the same place if those three apples didn’t appear. Maybe you may want to guess which of these three apples has played the most crucial role in mankind’s history till now.

  1. The forbidden apple
    Christians around the world have grown up with the concept that paradise exists and first humans had the luxury to be hosted there. The myths have traveled through the centuries and it has suffered some slight changes to adjust the society’s way of thinking. According to the Bible Adam and Eve live in the paradise that God had created for them who were his beloved creatures.God generously provides the source of all happiness for them under the term that they would not eat any apples from the apple tree. All of the goods were in the garden and one may think that they wouldn’t have any reason to disobey God’s orders.

    In the Holy Book, a snake appears as pure evil to Eva and persuades her to taste the forbidden and yet delicious apple. Eva follows the snake’s orders that represent Devil and the tricks he does to distract people. After she tries its taste she convinces Adam to follow her example and this is how the once happy couple loses the privilege of paradise.In an attempt to punish them God tells Adam that he will have to work hard for the survival of his family and Eva will have to suffer horrible pains to give birth to her children. In the beginning, the story seemed to be a symbolic lesson to discourage people from living in sin and help them discipline. At the same time, it explained why men had to worry about survival and women had to worry about reproduction. It was a quick explanation of human nature. Going deeper into the symbolism of the famous myth we will notice an attempt to discourage people from knowledge. For many modern analysts, the apple tree represents the tree of knowledge, and the fact that there was no obvious reason to avoid eating the fruits from that tree, implies that people were encouraged to obey rules without further questioning.

  2. Newton’s apple
    Isaac Newton was the first man to establish gravity as a concept in the scientific community. Scientists back then were not just university graduates that had a good understanding of mathematics. They were mostly philosophers who had the luxury to study nature because they were not obliged to work as slaves for the survival of mankind. It is believed that the idea of gravity appeared in Newton’s mind one day, while he was sitting under an apple tree. An apple falling from the tree on his head was an adequate stimulus to capture Newton’s interest.The simple process of fruit falling from a tree to the ground rose the question: ”Why does everything move downwards and not the other way round?” A genuine question of curiosity is what has set our jets to explore the universe searching for life beyond our planet. What is today common knowledge for our society was not a fact until the end of the 17th century. Huge discoveries followed that initial thought of Newton that seems like a genuine inspiration.

    Newton’s laws of motion would not be doubted by scientists until Albert Einstein came into the picture. Still, the theory, of course, didn’t collapse; it just expanded in a way. The important thing is that this Apple is taught in most schools around the world showing kids how crucial ideas come from simple facts.

  3. Apple company
    The famous company perhaps made a very well-aimed choice to decide on the brand’s name. Apples are delicious, apples are famous, they are ancient and they grow in most parts of the world so everyone knows them.The company based in the United States was founded in 1976 in Los Altos of California. No more than five decades have passed since then and the world’s picture has changed more than it had changed for the past centuries till then.

    The company is an innovator to everything connected with technology and electronics and most of all internet and connection of people. It has given access to billions of people to the internet and has helped over humanity’s education and communication. People from all over the globe are now able to communicate and learn things that happen on the other side of the world. If this is not a change, tell me what is?

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Are You Familiar With The Three Apples That Changed The World?
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