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The Value Of Elderly In Society

There is a concept in physics called ”Entropy” describing how all systems tend to reach conditions of total disorder. The human body does not escape this common truth. It seems to lose all its ability to keep organized functions at the desired level, as time goes by. The beauty industry keeps bombarding us with ads about how to look young and stay forever that way. This is simply unrealistic and it opposes nature. As society moves on to more mature perspectives celebrities, such as Sharon Stone express their disagreement with plastic surgeries and reaction of despair to keep a young appearance. We could say that people want to state that they are more than looks and that their personality matters also.

  1. The difference between young people and elders
    We could say that there is a difference between young people and elders all over the world. Young people are fully equipped with physical health and the ability to repeat things multiple times to learn them. Actually, the more they grow up the wiser they become and the more important their contribution is to society. Take the example of a baby who tries to learn how to walk. The baby can try and fall a million times until it finally manages to walk. Older people lack this ability but they have another advantage working on their benefit called experience. Elders don’t have the stamina to crawl and fall a million times because they simply don’t need to. They already know how to walk and how to do almost everything necessary for their survival successfully. Historically, people of older ages were always treated with respect by the rest of the members of their community. Even in primitive tribes, the wise men or the magicians were always elders. The reason for that is that they had obtained all the wisdom that comes with experience and they were able to provide advice to the next generation.
  2. ”The golden years” of adulthood and their contribution
    We live in a world where the Third Age, meaning people between 65 and 80 years old, is underestimated. However, this can only be considered as a false reaction to a treasure that we have the luxury to keep in our society. To start with, 65-year-olds nowadays, have nothing to do with their ancestors of the same age. The evolution of medicine and technology has managed to make us get older later, in a way. People are less tired and exhausted from the agricultural work that a few decades ago was a common reality for almost everyone. Besides, in case they get sick they have medical care that can keep them functional for more years. The good thing about elders is that not only do they have plenty of knowledge to pass on, but they also have all the free time and willingness to do it. If you think about it, this is their purpose in life as long as they have secured their survival and well-being. Reproduction is no longer a concern for them and all the goals that are usually expected from society have probably already been taken care of. What is left for them to do? Enjoy and advise others!
  3. The example of merging kindergartens with nursing homes
    Scandinavian countries are always one step ahead of the rest of the world regarding educational systems. Therefore it is no surprise that they were the first to implement this innovative system; they merged a kindergarten and a nursing home for elder people and the results were astonishing. Children would spend some time in the classroom with their teachers trying to learn new things and during the break, they went out and mixed with the elders. They were free to interact with the people who lived in the nursing home as well as with their pupils. loved the presence of elders in their school reminding them of their grandparents. Kids seemed to perfectly understand how to behave with people who had health issues and didn’t share their physical condition. The mobility issues perhaps some of the elders had, didn’t stand along the way at all. On the contrary, mutual respect and understanding grew between these two completely different groups of people. The real happiness though came for the elders. They finally enjoyed some vividness in their daily lives. The young children were not judgmental and they didn’t discourage the elders from interacting with them. They believed the communication between all the members of their small community was expected and the friendship between them was genuine. The example of Scandinavia has a lot to teach us and has valuable lessons to give regarding our perspective of the world.

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