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Benefits And Burdens Of Online Shopping

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, online shopping has increased significantly. A rapid increase in online sales had been noticed a few years ago when almost everyone got access to a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone. Society became familiar with technology and people stopped being in constant fear about whether their personal information will leak to malicious individuals. The interesting news is that even after the majority of the population gets vaccinated online shopping will remain a popular habit for most of us. It is very convenient and for sure there are a bunch of advantages and this is why it became so popular. However, physical stores will never go out of fashion. What is it that they provide better compared to the online experience? This is pretty much what we are going to discuss in the present article.


  1. Always open
    We believe that the best featut=re of online shops is that they are always open. You may come from work at 9 pm and want to complete a purchase at 2 am in the morning. Internet will be there for you and allow you to complete your orders at your own pace. Apart from the United States where there are many stores that stay open in late hours, in most countries, this is only an exception. Stores are obliged to close at a certain time to let workers rest. All stores have to follow the same rules otherwise they are regarded to proceed in unfair competition.
  2. Comparison and reviews
    Another vital aspect is that you can honestly compare not only items but also what people think over a certain product. Reviews have been working well for consumers all over the world. In addition, salesmen can also read them and improve their product or service. Apart from the stars, you can also check the number of reviews. How popular is the product you are about to buy? Should you expect all of your friends to wear the same pair of shoes as you do? The results are fabulous for both sides and competition work for the benefit of consumers.
  3. A real time saver
    The time you can save from online shopping is priceless. Being on the streets for shopping is amusing but at some point, you want to buy simple stuff that the process of buying them is not fun at all. In all those cases, shopping from your computer can be a gift. No lines, traffic or parking hassles are waiting to make your day complex. Besides, shopping in these conditions can also be annoying. You mix with the crowds and interact with people who may not be on their best day. Sometimes shopping like that can be trouble. The luxury of shopping in your pajamas is incomparable.


  1. Inspection
    The most crucial part about online shopping is that you don’t get the chance to see the product. The texture, the size, the quality, even the color is different on the screen. Particularly items like shoes and clothes that have to be tried are giving us a hard time to shop online. The whole experience is different. Unfortunately, the fun part of shopping is eliminated if not excluded. If there is one reason why physical stores will never close the ability to inspect the product is the most important reason.
  2. Negotiation
    Let us not forget that being present when the sale is being done gives you the opportunity to further discuss the price. In big department stores, you will apparently not be able to lower the price, but if you find yourself shopping from a local boutique it is more than probable that you will manage to buy the products at a more fair price. In Eastern countries, this is in many examples the case.
  3. Shipping costs
    Depending on where you are buying your item from the shipping cost may vary. A product that travels from the other side of the world to be in your apartment will obviously cost you a fortune for the shipping. However, when you want to purchase something from your city or town it would be more affordable to go get it yourself. Some costs are just a leak in your pocket and shipping is one of them, where you rather pay for a service than for the product itself.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Benefits And Burdens Of Online Shopping
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