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Shopping Therapy – The Reason Behind Why We Shop

Shopping is excellent, and there is nothing wrong with wanting products that will serve us. However, there is a distinguishment between needs, fake needs, and desires. For sure, there are things that we require buying, but there are also things that we want, without meaning they are necessary for us. The gap between those two situations is covered by the term ”fake needs” where people are in a condition where they confuse a recent desire with a genuine need, which means that the product is crucial for them. The addiction to shopping is not only up to us. Don’t forget that there are thousands of people out there who want to sell.

So why do we finally prefer to spend our money on buying stuff instead of going for more vacation?

  1. The system is smart
    The system has made it simple, easy, comfortable, and essential for us to shop. A whole industry is dealing with this matter, and it would be catastrophic to underestimate their capacity. Scientists around the world study our behavior and the shopping patterns we follow to complete a purchase. Online shopping has helped a lot in that direction since all of our mentality behind the choices we make is printed on the click we make to particular links. What was once difficult to understand is now written in our web history. The cookies policy is also associated with the studies regarding what the consumer wants.
  2. To substitute happiness
    Shopping is an excellent way to distract ourselves from any undesired thoughts. Comforting ourselves is practically another term to communicate the words ”shopping therapy”. The term exists because shopping acts as a healing process for us in many cases where we don’t seem to get the comfort we need from other sources. In lack of pleasant emotions, we turn into shopping. Before we complete a purchase, we picture ourselves owning the desired product. How possible is it for that to change our lives for the better? Sometimes we expect more than the item can offer, and we get disappointed when we realize it is not a magic potion that will automatically solve all of our problems.
  3. To show off
    We are all familiar with the feeling that certain possessions give to us. A nice car, an expensive house, or a luxurious outfit are only some of the things we love to owe. Having them serves as an indicator of our class in society. Other people may not be able to see how much money we have in the bank, but they can quickly notice an expensive watch. Owing these types of things helps us enjoy the acceptance that society tends to show to wealthy people. We get treated with respect and rewarded for our choice to shop. Besides, other people adopt the same behavior leading each one to further turn to a shop to obtain signs of power in their collection.
  4. To reward ourselves
    Shopping makes us happy, mobilizing a variety of techniques that work underneath. One of them is the reward mechanism. The hormones play a crucial role in this process. It is similar to the process that takes place when we get likes for a post on Facebook. Dopamine is released from the brain, causing euphoria, similar to those experienced when we produce serotonin. Tech addicts are a hot issue in all psychiatric conferences. The strength of shopping addiction is, fortunately, less efficient. It also resembles the process where some people tend to eat to reward themselves. Directions like ”you will not eat another piece of cake unless you do an hour of training.” In a similar way, shopping may reward a promotion or the hard work of an individual.
  5. To obtain what we need
    As obvious as it may sound, shopping does not also contribute to our inner peace but is also necessary to fulfill some actual needs. We bother ourselves so much with resisting our desire for sopping that sometimes we seem to miss the fact that goods are out there to enjoy them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a person wanting to add something to its collection to make its life more manageable.

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