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5 Tips For Cost-Effective Transportation In The United States Every Student Should Know

It is common knowledge that the United States of America is an expensive country. That is to be expected after all. Over here, the quality of life is among, and you will have to pay up to avail of that kind of quality. However, those who are well-off can live their daily lives comfortably but those who don’t, end up finding ways to mitigate financial losses. Students are among those upon whom the financial burden is the highest in the country.

We already know or have heard of the painfully high numbers of student loans which have now become a politically influential topic. But, that is not our concern in this article. Our concern is limited to something else which is indispensable to a student’s regular life and takes up significant space in the budget calculations. Transportation remains a high-spend area, and as a student, you should know how to reduce its impact on your budget.

I have listed a few tips that might be of some help to you. You might be able to cut down transportation costs and save up more.

  1. Carpooling is the best
    Sometimes, we just don’t have time to hop on public transport and want the quickest option available. However, many times these quicker options come at a hefty price. Traveling via car is a generally pricey affair, especially considering the skyrocketing fuel prices. However, carpooling can make things easier and help in cutting down on fuel expenses. Just find out whether there is any batchmate of yours who drives along your route and you can offer to split the bills. You can rope in many others like you so that the financial burden distributes and it is easier for you to manage finances.
  2. Living on-campus can help
    Generally, on-campus facilities are not readily available due to lack of vacancies but should you get an option to live on-campus you can go for it. Yes, you will have to set aside your temptation to live off-campus and chill out with your friends whenever you want. But, if you want to control the flow of money, then you will have to make certain decisions you might not be comfortable with. In case an on-campus facility is not available, try to rent a place close to the campus. Quite often you will find dorms and apartments for rent close to college campuses. This means, there will be many takers so you make sure you start your house-hunting well in advance.
  3. Take the longer route if need be
    College life means you might end up traveling places for assignments or internships. Flying to the location is an attractive option in terms of time, but it is a disproportionately expensive option for a student. Always go for alternative transportation options such as bus or train. Yes, it will take longer to reach your destination but you will be saving a lot of money this way. Unless there is urgency, you should go for cheaper modes of transportation albeit a compromise on the time spent will have to be made.
  4. Student discounts
    Irrespective of the mode of transport, money will be spent and you might not be always comfortable with the amount going out of your pocket. So, use your status as a student and avail of discounts which are provided almost everywhere. Websites such as Travel Cuts let you use your student status for discounts on flights. There are not many student discounts on public transportation in the United States, but you can save up by buying monthly passes, for example. Usually, discounts are available on airline bookings, but you should check for discounts on other modes of transport.
  5. Get a bicycle
    It sucks to pay for short-distance travel but you can do away with those unnecessary expenses with a bike. Whether it is to go to a supermarket or college (in case you can spare some time), the bicycle would come in handy. Many college campuses are actually very bicycle-friendly in the country so you will not have a problem navigating through them. It is a one-time investment on the bike but once you have it you will notice significant differences in your finances.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - 5 Tips For Cost-Effective Transportation In The United States Every Student Should Know
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