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Wealthiest Photographers Globally

Clicking a picture is easy. But clicking a captivating photograph involves capturing the details of the subject in the appropriate lighting. And several other things.

Being excellent at it can even earn you global recognition, awards, and money. Only the top photographers with a real passion for photography can achieve something like that.

The richest photographers in the world are:

  1. Timothy Allen
    This zoology graduate realized his talent following a trip. His family and friends were so impressed with the photographs clicked on this trip that they motivated him to pursue a career in photography.
    Without any formal training in photojournalism, Timothy Allen has managed to amass a fortune by capturing the cultural heritage of many societies on Earth.
  2. George Steinmetz
    Steinmetz is a Geophysics degree-holder that became a photographer because he took his camera with him on a trip to Africa. He clicks photos from a unique motorized paraglide. This enables him to click awesome pictures of the unreachable parts of the planet. His work has been featured in National Geographic, Smithsonian, and The New Yorker.
  3. Nick Veasey
    Nick is without a doubt the most unorthodox photographer on this list. He uses X-ray imaging to create extraordinary works of art!
    Clothes and other such layering materials are not needed in his photos. He likes to capture objects just as bare as they are.
    Although several other photographers also use X-ray imaging, none of them creates photos of the caliber of Nick’s photos.
  4. Marco Grob
    Marco started his career as a still life photographer. But a shift to portrait photography has boosted his standing as a photographer and his bank balance.
    He has captured portraits of many household names such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Clooney, and Jeff Bridges, among many others.
    The secret to his photographs is patience. He waits for the model to get relaxed enough to be in his/her own element before capturing the moment.
  5. Nick Brandt
    This wildlife photographer is fascinated with Africa. Nick is determined to record the gorgeous landscape of Africa before it changes.
    He is also an avid activist that has set up a non-profit organization that helps conserve the African ecosystem. His exceptional use of camera angles and lenses makes his pictures look realistic and stunning and have earned him many accolades.
  6. G M B Akash
    Most work of this Bangladeshi photojournalist revolves around the struggles of the underprivileged. His work has been featured in several reputed publications like National Geographic, Newsweek, The Guardian, and Vogue.
    His portraits give the underprivileged a voice. While we live relatively comfortable lives, we can only be grateful after observing his photographs.
  7. Lynsey Addario
    Lynsey Addario is known for capturing raw and dark images by venturing into the remote corners of the world. The Pulitzer Prize winner has captured the predicaments of living in conflict-ridden and war-torn places such as Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq, and Libya.
    No wonder her pictures have been featured in New York Times, Newsweek, and Time magazine. Her dedication to exhibiting the harsh realities of the world is second to none.
  8. Gilles Bensimon
    His mother nudged him towards arts because he struggled with dyslexia. And he chose photography as his medium of expression.
    The illustrious list of celebrities that have posed for him includes Beyonce, Halle Berry, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Sharon Stone, and Tyra Banks. The former International Creative Director of Elle magazine has set high standards for fashion photographers.
  9. Morgan Norman
    The Gamleby School of Photography graduate is renowned for his excellent use of lights and color in his shoots. His unmatched ability to bring the model, apparel, and accessories in focus has earned him a stellar reputation as a fashion photographer.
    Anybody that knows a thing or two about photography can recognize his work just by observing it. His portfolio includes Plaza Uomo, Vogue, and Zenith.

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