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Who doesn’t wish to breathe clean air and admire living in a clean place? Where deforestation is taking place at a rapid pace for the sake of ‘urbanization’ and ‘industrialization’, there are some countries that are developing and improving but not at the cost of nature.

So, let’s have a look at the top countries that are suitable for green living and the factors that contribute to them in this regard.

  1. Sweden
    Sweden is not only gifted with stunning landscapes but with quick-witted Swedes too. They have policies for the recycling system, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, and diminishing the dependency on fossil fuels. The growth in the market for vintage fashion, used clothing, and purchase of eco-labeled food and products are quite good examples in this regard. Moreover, more than 80% of the aluminum cans and PET bottles are now in the recycling system. The country is taking huge steps in becoming the world’s first fossil-fuel-free nation. Sweden is one of the first countries to apply a carbon tax, of course, to curb the use of car­bon-intensive fuels such as oil and natural gas.

    Gothenburg, Sweden

  2. Switzerland
    While thinking about Switzerland, what strikes our mind is the breathtaking nature- lakes and ice-capped mountains. You can visit several sights that can act as the wallpaper for your desktop and cell phones. It’s not just the ‘God Gift’ but Swiss also takes various steps in controlling the atmospheric temperature. Recycling primary products, reducing waste products, and the emission of greenhouse gases, hike in the carbon tax, development of technology that pollutes the least are just to name a few. As a result, the air quality in Switzerland is constantly showing a positive change with fewer emissions of fine particles. This will also magnetize more tourists globally.

  3. Finland
    Finland may not be a great contributor to the world economy but its connection with nature is commendable. That’s evident from the fact that around 70% of the country’s land is covered with dense forests and more than 75% of its lakes carry clean water. Finnish very well know how to curtail their emissions. As per a WHO report, Finland is one of the countries with the cleanest air and great connections and services all over the country which also leads to enhancement in nature tourism. Its sustainable lifestyle is something that every country shall look after.

  4. Japan
    Japanese bifurcate their trash into ‘recyclables’ and ‘non-recyclables’. The importance of cleaning is taught to them in the school itself. From cleaning up their classrooms to various places inside the campus, inculcates in them the cleaning habit. They treat it to be the community’s work and not of an individual. Japan is constantly laying emphasis on promoting green technology and various waste recycling services. A cool example of it that a few years ago, the Japanese government came up with an Eco-Point System under which the shopping of environmentally friendly housing fixtures and home-appliances qualifies the customer for certain ‘eco-points’ that can be accumulated and used to buy other household items.

  5. Norway
    ‘Re-use’ culture is pretty much in trend in this country, which is taught to be followed right since childhood here too. Reusing old books and passing from one child to another and buying and selling old furniture and clothes are a general phenomenon we can see over there. The waste disposal technique featuring different cans for different kinds of wastes, the all-new ‘pant’ system- a kind of reward system for returning plastic bottles and aluminum cans have diminished the garbage to a great extent. Moreover, all the major supermarkets of the country either provide paper bags or plastic bags made with recyclable plastic. The spike in the craze of Norwegians for electric cars can be witnessed by the whole world that leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions and pollution levels. The country is not only looking forward to electric airplanes but they are also on their way to zero-emission electric ferries.

    Norway Flag

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