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CEO Spotlight: Robert Bull, CEO of RoyaleLife

Robert Bull, CEO of RoyaleLife

There are four words Robert Bull avoids at all costs: “I told you so.”

As CEO of RoyaleLife, the UK’s leader in bungalow living, Robert Bull always maintains that being a leader with vision means that, even if you’re able to sometimes see things before others, you’re still part of a team that everyone contributes to.

To back that up he’s fond of saying that RoyaleLife’s 400 employees don’t work for him but work with him. While he has daily check-ins with the company’s various divisional leaders, keeping the company structure as flat as possible is one of his main goals.  The aim is to make it as easy as possible for people to discuss and share ideas.

In a recent interview, Robert said even though he’s the one with the title and the responsibility of having the company’s official vision, it’s also “vital that everyone in the organisation can have their voice heard, whether it’s suggesting a new idea, sharing an observation or comment, even bringing up valid concerns during work sessions when the team focuses on developing pro-con lists for possible future projects and initiatives.”

This style of leadership has helped RoyaleLife grow into a strong presence and the largest provider of bungalow living for those aged over 45. The concept is uncomplicated, and this is partly why it appeals to so many people.

RoyaleLife’s high-quality fully furnished two-bedroom bungalows can be found throughout the UK including Cornwall, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent and Norfolk. The 90-strong gated communities offer privacy and a sense of belonging. At a selection of developments residents can take advantage of a variety of amenities such as coffee lounges, members-only gyms, and swimming pools. A sister company, RoyaleResorts, offers a range of holiday homes.

The goal is always to attain the highest quality not only in terms of materials used in construction but also in the community experience enjoyed by residents.

The RoyaleLife Appeal

Robert Bull has tapped into something special with the concept of RoyaleLife where “downsizing” into a bungalow from a larger home is the route to a stress-free lifestyle. Imagine no more maintenance or looking after a home which is too big to care for properly

There’s much less upkeep with a RoyaleLife bungalow, and once you’re fully retired, you’ll be able to start taking things easy and enjoy the good life. As they are all single-story, you can stay there for years and, subject to your personal circumstances, you’ll never have to worry about moving again.

There’s also a big plus in all of your neighbours being in your age range – perfect for that sense of community and nurturing new friendships.

Most of the locations are positioned with lovely views of the countryside or coast, making a bungalow even more appealing to those looking for a new life.

But what makes a move into a RoyaleLIfe bungalow so appealing is its innovative Home Part Exchange scheme.

Not only will the company enable you to release valuable cash when you move home, but it will make your move completely hassle free.

With the company’s Home Part Exchange scheme RoyaleLife offers you 100% of the current market value of your home. So, if your current home is valued at £450,000, and you purchase a RoyaleLife bungalow for £300,000 that will leave you with £150,000 cash.

There are no hidden costs either: RoyaleLife take care of the estate agents’ and solicitors’ fees as well as any stamp duty and with all the homes fully furnished with all home comforts and the very best appliances, there will be no large-scale removal fees.

If Home Part Exchange is right for you, not only could you free up cash from the sale of your old home, you get to keep and own your new bungalow home, debt free. In addition, you could have that dream holiday, a car, or lump sum to give to children or grandchildren.

Robert Bull’s Philosophy

As a business executive in his mid-40s Robert Bull credits a lot of the organisation’s success to employing highly expert people in the finance team which is based at RoyaleLife’s headquarters in Whiteley near Fareham in Hampshire. A 40-strong team in accounts is led by CFO Jason Williams. who is supported by Head of Finance James Harris, Group Financial Controller Cherelle Ball, and Business Development Manager Ashley McVicar.

Early in his career, Robert Bull confessed that he suffered from a lack of knowledge and experience in dealing with commercial agreements.

He overcame this by an intense and lengthy period of self-education – listening very carefully to lawyers and accountants and observing how they overcame the day to day challenges they had to face.  This investment has paid dividends.

In his early days, Robert confesses to have been impulsive, but he learned that you can be much more effective if you’re able to plan well.

He said his father encouraged him to “take the longer view.” His grandfather also provided what turned out to be a very profound, yet simple piece of advice, as Robert went on to have a successful career in development:

“Buy land: they don’t make it anymore.”

As a proud father to two boys, Robert Bull looks to lead by example – eating well and keeping fit.

He makes it a point to exercise before work each morning and eat nutritious meals through the day. Unlike some CEOs who seem to work around the clock, or at least until late into the night, he makes sure that his typical evenings are reserved for his family. This time together is important to him.

Robert Bull always looks for opportunities to give back and help others. At the height of the pandemic, RoyaleLife made over 20 bungalow homes in Rutland available for free when the NHS sent more than 20,000 health care personnel to the area. But often the smallest gestures can be the most rewarding. During the summer of 2020, when COVID restrictions had been lifted, he provided £100 to help pay for a new barbecue for a development in Hampshire.

He said: I had a fantastic time talking to our residents and learning how we’d changed their life for the better. It was heartwarming that my company was able to do that and. I found the experience really satisfying.”

Changing lives for the better, a fitting sentiment for Robert Bull as he looks to drive RoyaleLife to even greater heights.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - CEO Spotlight: Robert Bull, CEO of RoyaleLife
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