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Why educating a nation is vital to society?

Educational Apps For Your Children

Education was not always a familiar concept for everybody. It widely appeared in society during the Industrial Revolution. What happened back then? Many women started to work in factories and the vast majority of the population moved to the city where there were offered jobs. Young kids should have a place to stay and be safe while their parents were out for work. At this point, the new-born idea was to build schools to roof the kids for some time and leave the parents to work for the capital. While kids would stay there it would be rather convenient to equip them with some knowledge that would seem useful for society when they graduate. Learning how to read, and make simple calculations were essential. When they finish school, they will serve the community and work on its benefit in greater terms. Before that, education was only provided to the rich and the gap among each financial class was huge. Nowadays, almost every child in developed countries has the opportunity to go to school and get proper education. Let’s see how this works and what the advantages are for individuals and society.

  1. Less criminality and more equality
    It is a common truth that as people become more and more educated, criminality rates tend to decrease. Criminality is usual where there is poverty and uneducated people. People who have not received the proper education, face difficulty in finding a job. This leads to low income and poverty that in some cases, has a catastrophic result. Going to school provides perspective. It helps people understand that there are alternatives. If they don’t want to study computer programming or anything they don’t like, they still have a choice. They can work as waiters and laborers or even evolve in the show industry and become stars, if they wish to. No matter what they decide to do, they are aware that they don’t have to turn to crime or illegal activity to escape their poverty. In other words, education provides a vision and this is more than important.
  2. The possibility to discover talents
    As we mentioned above education was once accessible only by the high-class members of society. Poor and those who had to make up for a living didn’t have the luxury to enjoy learning positive effects. The same rule applied to women. Female girls were not encouraged to go to school and sometimes, they were even forbidden to do so. As time went by, this became relatively rare and everyone is given a chance to learn new things. 3% of the population is considered extremely smart and able to make discoveries that will change the world’s future. When all the population has access to education it is statistically more possible that new talents will be discovered. A government that provides education to its citizens is actually more likely to produce the next scientists that will help the nation thrive.
  3. Society is equipped with useful individuals
    Even if you don’t find the world’s next Einstein having a widely educated society will result in having a considerable amount of people who can be productive and provide to the community. This is evident at the level of universities where the government should create faculties according to the jobs that are demanded in the industry. A perfect example of this is Sweden and all the Scandinavian countries that determine the institutes they will build depending on the demand in the business world. This way unemployment rates stay low and all the society members are being useful and have jobs. Simultaneously, jobs that need different types of education, are not underestimated because they are essential for the system.
  4. Provides social manners for everyone
    School is not only about collecting a series of skills that will help you find a job. The more crucial role is to equip future citizens with the proper education that will help them adjust to the community. Being polite, and able to react in various situations is vital for the total of the community. The way school works, kids from many financial classes can unite and interact together. As they do that, they exchange information about communication. Their teachers’ supervision works as extra help to make them become adequate in their interaction as members of a community, which helps them adjust to diverse environments.
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