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Countries/Territories With The Most Billionaires

Going on vacation and working somewhere are two totally different things. Even though Canada, Australia, and Japan are rich countries, they don’t seem to attract billionaires. The income per capita there is high, and most citizens enjoy a wealthy lifestyle; however, billionaires do not choose them for their primary residency.

Apart from the United States, which is the home for the world’s wealthiest people, many billionaires are located in big countries of Asia like Hong Kong and India. These places have great contradictions inside them in terms of wealth distribution over the population. At the same time, they are so big that statistically, they are expected to have rich people inside them. Still, in comparison with countries like China, the number of billionaires that live across their borders is considerable. The reasons that someone chooses a place over another vary and they have to do with what is more convenient for work. Today, we present the 73 countries/territories that host billionaires for the time being. Billionaire is referring to U.S. dollar billionaire.

Countries/Territories With The Most Billionaires

CountryNumber of billionaires
United States 614
China 389
Germany 107
India 102
Russia 99
Hong Kong 66
Brazil 45
United Kingdom 45
Canada 44
France 39
Italy 36
Taiwan 36
Switzerland 35
Australia 31
Sweden 31
South Korea 28
Japan 26
Singapore 26
Spain 24
Turkey 23
Thailand 20
Israel 17
Indonesia 15
Philippines 15
Mexico 12
Norway 12
Malaysia 12
Netherlands 11
Austria 9
Ireland 9
Czech Republic 8
Denmark 8
Chile 7
Egypt 6
Finland 6
Ukraine 6
Lebanon 6
Poland 6
Kazakhstan 4
South Africa 4
Argentina 4
United Arab Emirates UAE 4
Vietnam 4
Colombia 3
Cyprus 3
Greece 3
Monaco 3
Nigeria 3
Peru 2
New Zealand 2
St. Kitts & Nevis 2
Romania 2
Slovakia 2
Nepal 1
Portugal 1
Morocco 1
Oman 1
Belgium 1
Venezuela 1
Algeria 1
Angola 1
Eswatini (Swaziland) 1
Georgia 1
Guernsey 1
Hungary 1
Iceland 1
Liechtenstein 1
Macau 1
Kuwait 1
Tanzania 1
Zimbabwe 1
Qatar 1

United States: A long reference has to be made about this country that hosts 614 of the world’s billionaires. The cities that host them are New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with NYC being the top city for rich people of the world. The economy of the United States is quite contradictive, according to a handful of analysts, due to the fact that it is not the most significant manufacturer.

However, the power and prestige that the country carries in the whole globe are apparent on many levels. Even though there are many homeless people, the levels of poverty are not as high as in countries like China, and the average American can live a safe and productive life.

Houston Texas United States

At the same time, people that are very powerful and rich live in America and work there; most of them are Americans also. Ever since Europeans colonized the continent, New York has come across many changes, leading the city to be one of the most touristic in the world with a vital independent economy. San Francisco has a variety of innovative start-ups and inspired entrepreneurs, while Los Angeles has a fantastic industry on show and entertainment.

China: There are 389 billionaires living in China right now who are mostly located in Beijing and Shenzhen. The way the government handled Covid-19 and the manipulation of public opinion has given China a further advantage of its continually growing economy. The country produces most of the goods that are consumed in the western world, and this can only lead to economic development. The super-rich who understand the spirit of our era have picked China to be their base.

Saint Petersburg Russia

Russia: Russia carries a long history of communism, being one of the countries where rebellions against the Tsar led to thousands of dead victims back in 1917. The country’s position regarding the social and economic background, though, has changed over the years. Moscow of Russia has also turned into a hot spot for extremely high net worth individuals. The presidency of Vladimir Putin has been an attractor for billionaires, which are now estimated to be more than 99.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong is supposed to be a Special Administrative Region controlled by The People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong is a place with a growing economy that is preferred as the home base for a little less than 66 billionaires. The county’s modern profile with the tall skyscrapers and the endless luxurious restaurants works as a magnet for rich people. Besides, it is a countable economic center of the eastern world, and many people prefer it for their businesses.

flag of the United Kingdom

United Kingdom: The United Kingdom is a relatively small country and has gathered the medias’ attention lately after Brexit. It has a long tradition in colonies and has been a place for the famous and prosperous over the years. Talking numbers, there are 45 billionaires who stay in the United Kingdom. Most of them live near the Kensington Palace Gardens. Properties in the so-called Billionaire’s Boulevard have an average price of $53 million, being the most expensive in the country.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Countries/Territories With The Most Billionaires
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