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Best Coffee Brewers in New York City (NYC)

New York City

Coffee is one of those few things that have lovers of all ages. If you happen to be in New York City and are looking for a good coffee shop, then you can straightforwardly go to any of the below give cafeterias for a mind refreshing coffee.

  1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters
    Located in the Ace Hotel, Stumptown Coffee Roasters is for and by everyone. The efforts of artists are very well exhibited in its interior. The architectural details of this magnificent building are mind captivating. As far as the offerings are concerned, you can enjoy a drip coffee, cold brew, brew-by-the-cup along with a full espresso bar. Moreover, sandwiches and pastries from Ovenly and Supermoon Bakehouse and beverages from Big Easy Bucha also allure the taste buds of everyone. It also offers whole beans, brewing gear, and well roasted direct-trade coffee which are highly refreshing.

  2. Circa Brewing Co
    Circa Brewing Co is a beer hall and brewery that offers multiple things like, banquet or meeting hall, restaurant, and brewery right in the center of Downtown Brooklyn. If you are looking for quality and proximity, this is the best place to go to. It is well focused during COVID time, as it offers outdoor seating at some distance from other tables. It is quite pleasing to enjoy the sunshine during winters while enjoying your favorite coffee or beer. Its pizzas are also relishing. If you are in a group, your gang would love this place. You can either opt to dine inside or pick it up for your home.

  3. Coffee Project New York, East Village
    Now, this is special in many ways. First, this brewery is owned by a woman, which is a positive note. This cozy brewery is voted as the city’s most favorite coffee shop. The team has added its own twist in various drinks like nitro cold-brew coffee, deconstructed lattes, etc. Apart from this, the shop also offers some locally baked goods which are gluten-free and vegan. People can opt for takeaway, home delivery, or dine-in. Besides fast service and amazing tea and coffee options, what attracts the visitors the most is the facility to work on a laptop. Hence, it is a great option for freelancers and bloggers as well.

  4. Hi-Collar
    Hi-Collar goes very well by the name as this coffee shop carries an unparalleled quality and taste. This compact and chic cafeteria serves top-notch coffee and sandwiches the whole day whereas you can get chilled beer during the night. You can also enjoy its upscale alcohol, cocktails, spirits, snacks, desserts, muffins, pasta, and much more. This casual and cozy coffee shop is quite clean and organized with a captivating ambiance. This budget-friendly coffee shop captures visitors from the whole city. Its selection of coffee blends is remarkable. To serve you on a cold day, it has ample options but you don’t miss its cold brew on a super-hot day.

  5. Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters
    Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters is a go-to spot for coffee for various people and various occasions, whether you want to go out for a break or are excited about your first date. Its coffee and espresso drinks are the favorites of many, who can pair their drink with other delicacies like cakes, doughnuts, cookies, muffins, etc. It has a separate provision for those who are willing to work there. Its cafeteria serves strong Wi-Fi and a separate ‘record room’ with a long quaint wooden table. There is also someplace outside the cafeteria that receives fair sunlight.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Best Coffee Brewers in New York City (NYC)
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