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World’s Top 10 Best Super-Luxury Cars For CEOs And Executives, 2021

Aston Martin Rapide

Unlike non-premium brands, luxury car brands manufacture their cars in limited numbers. So, if you own such a car, it gives your status a massive boost!

Only the crème-de-la-crème can afford such cars. So, driving a fancy car to a business meeting is going to make a brilliant first impression. Potential clients and business partners will see you as a successful person.

Here’s our list of the world’s top 10 best super-luxury cars for CEOs and executives, 2021

  1. Aston Martin Rapide
    Price: $207k
    Engine: 6.0L V12
    Power: 595 hp

    This is going to be the last car in the Rapide generation introduced in 2010. And it’s going out on a high – it features the ultra-cool Aston Martin Racing trim.
  2. Bentley Continental GT
    Price: $207k
    Engine: 6.0L V8
    Power: 542 hp

    Continental’s sumptuous styling and rich interiors have made it a hit among CEOs for more than a decade. It is possibly the best grand-touring two-door car you can buy right now.
  3. Bentley Flying Spur
    Price: $214k
    Engine: 6.0L W12
    Power:  626 hp

    Bentley Flying Spur is the sportiest looking Bentley out there. And its performance matches the looks thanks to the adaptive suspension along with the rear-wheel-steering system.

  4. Bentley Mulsanne
    Price: $310k
    Engine: 6.8L V8
    Power: 512 hp

    These sophisticated cars are handcrafted only at the Bentley Crewe. You can choose from 25 shades of interior leather and 22 carpet colors. The magnificent interiors of the Mulsanne would be an elegant setting for an impromptu meeting on-the-go.

  5. Rolls Royce Wraith
    Price: $332k
    Engine: 6.6L V12
    Power: 624 hp

    Rolls Royce Wraith takes inspiration from Rolls Royce Ghost in several ways. The massaging functions in the front seat will offer you relief on long drives. Only 50 units of this model exist.

  6. Rolls-Royce Dawn
    Price: $346k
    Engine: 6.6L V12
    Power: 563 hp

    It is one of the very few Rolls Royce models that are convertible. So, you can feel the pleasant wind on your face while driving from the cozy leather interiors of the Rolls-Royce Dawn. Apart from the aesthetics, it resembles the Wraith in some ways.

  7. Rolls Royce Phantom VII
    Price: $450k
    Engine: 6.7L V12
    Power: 563 hp

    This is the eighth generation car of the Rolls Royce Phantom unveiled in 1925. Its cabin is as comfortable as it gets for both the front and rear seats. Since it is more than six meters long and almost 2 meters wide, you can expect a lot of legroom.

  8. W Motors Lykan Hypersport
    Price: $3.4 million
    Engine: 3.7L Twin-Turbo V6
    Power: 780 hp

    When you think of Dubai, you think of its lavishness. And when a Dubai-based sports car company starts making cars, you get splendid cars like the Lykan Hypersport. We got the first look of this beast at the Qatar Motor Show in 2013. Only seven units of this model were ever manufactured.

  9. Maybach Exelero
    Price: $8 million
    Engine: 5.9L V12
    Power: 691 hp

    Fulga Tire Company wanted to make a big car that would use the world’s biggest tires at 23 inches long. Mercedes-Benz collaborated with Stola to create this one-off supercar in 2005. It briefly held the title for the world’s most expensive car after rapper Birdman bought it in 2011. The interiors epitomize comfort and luxury.
  10. Bugatti La Voiture Noire
    Price: $12 million
    Engine: 8.0L W16
    Power: 1,497 hp

    Only one unit of this model exists as the owner had requested a custom-made car that was reminiscent of the Bugatti Atlantic Type 57 SC from the 1930s. Except for the unique exterior design, this hypercar is made just like the Bugatti Chiron under the hood.
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