Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Best Planners Used By CEO’s and Top Executives

Entrepreneurs and CEO’s around the world have a tight and hectic schedule. From attending events, meetings, and others they need round the clock assistance for their work. This is where a planner comes into the picture. Although there are many digital tools available to keep a tab on your activities, the trend of using paper-based planners is also seeing growth.
Not just for the nostalgic quotient but paper-based planners also help in goal-setting and other life activities. Here in this blog below, we have named 5 planners that are ideal for keeping a note of your daily schedule.

  1. Passion Planner: Great handy assistance for all the budding entrepreneurs, Passion planners are best for jotting down your plans for the upcoming year. The paper-based planner is one of a kind as it features a yearly calendar in between two pages. With the help of this diary entrepreneurs and CEOs can keep their focus straight and navigate towards their goals easily. There is also a weekly inspirational quote and matching challenge on the planner which further helps you in every way. With so many features to check out, a Passion Planner can surely give digital apps a run for the money.
  2. Get To Work Book: Another name to pop on our list of yearly planners is the Get To Work Book. The handy planner has a nice chipboard cover which offers it a practical look. From featuring all months of the year to laminated tabs, the paper-based diary is a handy alternative to digital apps. One of the prime aspects of the planner is that it has a creative design. Discreet and great for planning the year, the design also features motivational quotes, breakdown pages, goal set pages, along with blank spaces for jotting down notes.
  3. Day Designer: Day Designer is yet another planner that has an elegant design. The paper-based planner is excellent for organizing your daily life for about a year. While the essential tools help in making concrete plans the attractive designs give the planner an overall great look. The diary even features extra space and has a vertical layout to jot down things to remember and keep in the loop. Another great aspect of having this planner is you can fill out the things you plan during the day and come back to it later. Best for business professionals and the CEO’s Day Designer is worth a look.
  4. Classic Panda Planner: The Classic Panda Planner might look small in size but is large enough to accommodate all your plans. Undated, the paper-based planner has a lot of space to help you jot down each of your daily tasks and priorities. From weekly reviews to space for working out on daily habits, this small yet efficient diary is the best in the market. Available in four colors, the Classic Panda Planner is one of the best ways in which you can keep a tab on your priorities.
  5. Self Planner: The last name to feature on our list of planners is the “Self Planner”. The planner is designed in such a way that any user can easily manage and plan their schedules. There are various templates in the paper-based planner which makes helps you stay focussed on your goals and ambitions. Available in two colors Black and Coral, Self Planner also comes with two ribbons, a back pocket, and perforated corners which gives it a simple yet priceless look. One of the best ways to keep your priorities and dream in check, the diary is best for CEOs and business owners.
Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
CEO and editorial director of the CEOWORLD magazine, an extensively kudized author, noted journalist, syndicated columnist, and ostensible entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or connect on LinkedIn.