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Best Destinations To Visit Near Washington DC During COVID-19

Skyline Drive

Washington, DC, the District of Columbia is in the mid-Atlantic region of the East Coast and is the capital of the United States. Bordered by Virginia and Maryland the city hosts the White House and the United States Capitol.

The city is more of a business center rather than a tourist attraction for visitors outside the United States. People who live and work in Washington, DC have a hard time finding a decent opportunity to travel and relax.

The latest elections have shaken the State’s political scenery for yet another time and the need to escape from the noisy capital has increased a great deal over the pandemic era. Gratefully, there are so many options close to the crowded city for everyone to explore. Ready to explore Washington’s, DC amazing options for a day trip? Here we have a list of the top 5 destinations to get the stress out of your system and stay safe during the pandemic.

  1. Teddy Roosevelt Island
    Manson’s Island became Teddy Roosevelt Island after he founded the National Park Service. It was due to the president that the once-neglected place became an organized park. Trees were planted to restore the previous condition of the island that was covered with forest.

    You can access this beautiful paradise by crossing the bridge from the Potomac River on foot, while at the centric square of the island you can admire the outstanding 17 foot-tall statue of America’s 26th president. Apart from hiking through the trails canoeing and kayaking are also allowed. Foxes, deers, non-poisonous snakes, and rare birds are common, but swimming in the Potomac River is not allowed.

  2. Loudoun County
    The region is only 25 miles away from Washington, DC, and is a perfect opportunity to do the LoCo Ale Trail or enjoy some horse-riding. You can have self-guided tours where you can explore the historic towns of the county. Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers meet at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center, where rafting tubing and all sports associated with the river can take place. Lansdowne Resort and Spa is a luxurious option if you want to spend the night and prepare yourself for a deeply relaxing experience. Salamander Resort and Spa is also greatly reviewed and we highly recommend it.

    Loudoun County

  3. The National Mall
    This is probably something you wouldn’t do if it was not for the pandemic. However, the Covid-19 era has set the perfect ground to go after some of the many highlights of the States. Right in the center of Washington, DC, near the downtown is the National Mall. Even though you don’t have to go outside the capital we highly recommend spending a whole day on this.

    National Mall, Washington D.C., United States

    The park is huge and is full of museums, art galleries, and memorials. Before you go, you would rather decide what you want to see within the National Mall. Personalized and private tours are offered to the high-class visitors of the National Mall. Guides advise you to pay a visit at night time for a better view of the lighted monuments.

  4. US National Arboretum
    The Arboretum was established in 1927 and it is in the northeast part of Washington, DC. It covers 446 acres and in 1973 it was listed as a Category II Landmark. Across the National Grove of State Trees, each state is represented by specific groups of trees. This makes walking through the park exciting, and interesting especially for the young kids who want to link their knowledge of the United States’ map with nature’s reality.

    U.S. National Arboretum

    The National Bonsai Collection and the Penjing Museum are a must-see for anyone who appreciates chicness and good aesthetics. Surprisingly, a picnic is allowed in the park and therefore you have absolutely no worries regarding the virus.

  5. The Skyline Drive
    Even though Skyline Drive’s status is daily updated due to Coronavirus restrictions, we are sure you will soon find the chance to visit. Right among the Shenandoah National Park, there are the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Skyline Drive covers around 100 miles through them.

    Skyline Drive

    Driving along the way it is rather possible to cross over a deer, a black bear, or a wild turkey, so be ready to do some safe driving. The place offers an excellent destination to get close to nature and avoid closed spaces. A perfect excursion for families, friends, and couples!

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