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Love Bobbi Brown? Here Are 6 Things You Should Know About It

Bobbi Brown American makeup artist

Bobbi Brown is the name that made natural makeup what it is today. From designing some of the most sought after products to catering to the top models in fashion, this is the brand that has done it all. It is highly unlikely that you have not heard about it, but if you haven’t, you are in the right place.

Bobbi Brown is credited with the creation of many iconic products. But there is more to the brand than just sales and volume. In this article, we will be going over 6 things (choosing from a list of a whole lot) that are going to make you fall in love with the brand all over again.

  1. Finding inspirations from the oddest of places
    Bobbi Brown has been able to maintain its position because of the amount of time and money that it spends on R&D and innovation. Sometimes it means looking at unlikely places to come up with inspiration and new product ideas. One such instance was the Long-wear Gel eyeliner.
    Remember that iconic black launched way back in 2001? That was a product of working with an antique glass inkwell. While toying around with the idea of fluidic makeup products, the research team stumbled across the idea of making something as dark and as glistering as the ink in fountain pens.
  2. A strong message
    Coming from a brand that sells makeup to millions of young women all over the world, it is a pretty powerful message, “Be who you are.” Bobbi Brown has always been clear on what they want their product to mean.
    The brand is all about amplifying and expressing yourself but, at the same time, does not want you to be uncomfortable with who you are. Even as an artist, Bobbi Brown was all about the expression of self through unadulterated means. After starting her company, she made this core belief into the founding principle of her company.
  3. Recording a record-breaking sale
    Bobbie Brown is a very popular brand; its sheer name is enough to generate interest in any upcoming product. But wait, we don’t think you’ve still got the idea about how popular and recognizable this brand is. Consider this: every minute, somewhere in the world, two Bobbie Brown eyeliners are sold. That alone is enough to rival every other Bobbi Brown sells! No other brand even comes close to dominating the market the way it does.
  4. Then and now: Sheer volume
    Starting, Bobbi Brown did not have enough capital or the means to launch a wide array of products. With a mere capital of USD5000 to finance her dream, she started with a range of 10 lipsticks. The beauty of the product was that each of them was a different shade of nudes and you could mix and match any two to create a new shade.
    In the present day, Bobbie brown has more than 240 core products and more than 1200 SKUs. Estee Lauder eventually bought the company on noticing its promising performance and gave Bobbi a free hand to continue doing what she thought was best for the company.
  5. Mike Tyson wore Bobbi Brown
    Once upon a time, Mike Tyson was about to go up on stage for an interview, just before that he was advised to let Bobbi work her magic. Tyson refused to say that he did not want to be touched by makeup. A short argument after, Mike Tyson walked on to the stage and acknowledged that he had never looked better! Well if mike Tyson agrees, what more is there to say?
  6. Donating for the cause
    Selling more than 23 million products a year, Bobbi brown does generate some serious revenue for its owners. But not all of that goes into the pocket of its owners. Bobbi Brown started The Pretty Powerful campaign and donates out of the profit of companies to organizations that work for the uplift and betterment of women all over the world.
    Following it up with another powerful gesture, Bobbie Brown has never followed into the traditional footsteps of beauty pageants but rather has worked for the empowerment of women of all races and ethnicity. A brilliant gesture from a brilliant brand indeed!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Love Bobbi Brown? Here Are 6 Things You Should Know About It
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