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GOING TO LIVE IN A STUDENT-HOSTEL? Here Are 5 Things You Should Remember

Hostel life is inarguably one of the most fun-filled yet intimidating experiences. It throws open the doors to an independent life for which you are largely responsible. The course to this independent lifestyle is not linear; there are ups and downs inevitable to any hostel life. But, I have learned it quite well that hostel life is a grand opportunity to re-sketch your life, but the most fundamental consideration is the way you do it.

Once you decide to move into a hostel, you will most likely be flooded with suggestions. However, I intend to shortlist the few most important ones, which you must keep a mental note of. Here, we shall uncover those 5 things which any hostel-going student should remember.

  1. Hostel Life is not a vacation
    Quite contrary to popular and rather misplaced belief, hostel life is not a vacation. Yes, you will have your moments of enjoyment but there is so much to it than this. Everything, from buying groceries to cleaning your room, will require your intervention. It is you who have to determine what should be where, how something should be done when you should do this and that. Most likely, you will have a roommate, and this means it is not just your own needs you must take into account. Hostel life is a lesson on cohabitation, adjustment, and independence—the balance of these three is quite challenging to sustain.
  2. An opportunity to explore the world
    The world comprises people of all kinds of races, religions, beliefs, sexual orientations, and attitudes. You simply cannot classify them because you really can’t. Take this as an opportunity to pull yourself out of the cocoon and interact with people. Let me warn you that you will not necessarily adjust well with everyone, but you surely will understand your preferences better. An eye-opener it will be for you when you communicate with different kinds of people and appreciate the nuances of your own personality.
  3. Expect Less Privacy
    Hostel life means you will usually have someone around, if not your roommate. It may become difficult to hold, say, personal telephonic conversations in your room so you might have to move out. You might be expected to share that one favorite pack of chips you just purchased. Changing clothes may not be as discreet as you’d expect. Friends of your roommate would come into and go out of your room time and again. So, be prepared for such moments. However, given some time, you will be able to adjust well. Just keep an open mind about it.
  4. Safety is paramount
    Trust is built with time. Even when you believe that you have the most trustworthy friends, safety should not be compromised. Always keep your wardrobe locked whenever you are going out. Count your money in your wallet. Do not keep exposed essential documents in the open. Avoid giving access to your wardrobe to anyone. Anyone with the right mind would understand the seriousness of the same. Your friends should understand why you do this; if they don’t, you might need to get new friends.
  5. Use your time to learn budget-making
    Hostel life does not come cheap. Your finances may take a nosedive if you are not careful. You do not have to count all the numbers and make all the estimates. Just ensure that you have a general idea of where the money is coming from and where it going to. Allow yourself some liberty to spend generously on certain occasions but do not overdo. An Independent lifestyle is learned through patience, thoughtfulness, and self-restraint. The dazzle of hostel life must not blind you.
  6. Learn to accommodate
    This is the running theme of the entire post but I would like to stress on it more. Hostels are places where we are expected to live together. You should understand that there are so many like you undergoing such dramatic change and they may perceive things differently from you. Hence, do not be judgmental and try adjusting unless it is unreasonable and absolutely one-sided. I have seen the most awful quarrels destroy hostel lives of so many. Harmony is the way!

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