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Top 10 Countries – Leaders In The 5G Market, 2020

The world champion in the 5G market for 2020 is South Korea. The country’s top place in the list with the leaders in the 5G market shows its technological superiority in next-generation networks.

Kuwait ranks second followed by a European country, Switzerland. In most of the districts of Kuwait, the 5G network is available. As far as Switzerland is concerned, the wealthy alpine country has built more than 2,000 antennas to upgrade its network in the last year alone. The United States comes at the fourth place of the list and closely follows Qatar (5th place), the United Kingdom (6th place), Finland (7th place), China (8th place), and Germany (9th place). Italy completes the top ten countries with the greatest progress in 5G networks.

In telecommunications, 5G is the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks, which cellular phone companies began deploying worldwide in 2019. The main advantage of 5G is that it is giving higher download speeds. The increased speed is achieved partly by using higher-frequency radio waves. As of April 2019, the Global Mobile Suppliers Association had identified 224 operators in 88 countries that are testing or have been licensed to conduct field trials of 5G technologies, are deploying 5G networks, or have announced service launches.

The 5G countries – leaders were rated by Omdia among the top 22 countries in 5th generation network technology. Omdia’s research evaluates the progress of 5G development based on the commercial launch of the technology, network coverage, existing subscribers, spectrum availability, and regulatory ecosystem.

Based on these factors, South Korea established itself as a world leader in the development of 5G technology. It should be noted that the report is based on data collected in late December 2019 and was firstly scheduled to be published in mid-March, but was delayed due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

South Korea has 4.67 million 5G subscribers. This number was collected at the end of December 2019 and accounts for 7% of wireless services on the market. The country collects an excellent score in terms of spectrum assignment, the launch of 5G services, as all providers have commercial programs of the new technology, while the coverage of network and population is about 90%. In addition, the country has a flexible regulatory ecosystem, while there is also strong the government’s support for new technology. South Korea’s population is estimated to be around 50.8 million people.

Referring to Europe research shows that, to date, a small number of European markets have made significant progress for the development of 5G. South Korea, Kuwait and Switzerland are part of a small market group, with the coverage already exceeding 50%.

At European level, Switzerland ranks first in the development of 5G technology. Overall, Europe is doing well, with one-third of the top 22 countries in 5G development belonging to European ground. At the same time five of the top ten places of the list are occupied by European countries. In particular, the United Kingdom ranks sixth, Finland seventh, Germany ninth and Italy tenth in the world.

According to the survey (5G Market Progress Assessment, end-2019), the United Kingdom ranks second after Switzerland in terms of 5G growth in the European market.

«The global market is steadily preparing for the development of 5G. At the moment, however, South Korea is leading the way – although markets such as Switzerland have made good progress. All over the world, we see governments and regulators improving 5G spectrum distributions. At the same time, operators are preparing for the launch of 5G and expand network coverage in countries where technology has already begun. We expect a much larger number of 5G commercial launches in major global markets over the next 12-18 months, as more spectrum will gradually be assigned», the Omdia report said.

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