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Exclusive: These Are 10 Of The Most Extreme Superyacht Concepts Worldwide

To begin with, when it comes to superyacht design, there will never be a shortage of creative thinkers who push the envelope of what’s possible. In fact, yacht designers who continually challenge the status quo make it possible for adventurous to build bigger and bigger private yachts that are unlike anything that has been built before.

Designing superyachts already means dreaming big, but when it comes to sketching out future concepts, designers can afford to go one step further. While some ideas are entirely feasible and will end up on the water, others are too far fetched to make waves in the real world.

Either way, concepts start conversations and drive innovation and are an important part of an industry that refuses to rest on its laurels. Below there are some of the most extreme ideas from around the world.

  1. Aqua, 112m Sinot.
    Aqua, a striking concept by Dutch firm Sinot Design, unveiled at Monaco Yacht Show 2019. The yacht stores liquefied hydrogen in two futuristic-looking hexagonal tanks, which is converted into electrical energy and stored in battery packs. “Imagine Aqua in the open sea, moving water with water,” says designer Sander Sinot. Powering the boat in this way means that water is the only by-product of the system. Music to the ears of an owner with sustainable ambitions.

  2. Codecasa Jet, 70m, Codecasa.
    Codecasa’s futuristic aircraft-inspired superyacht design, then it is packed with stylistic features “borrowed” from the world of aviation design, including a sundeck that extends aft to recall “the tail of an aircraft”. Additional inspiration is present in the yacht’s air inlets, which are designed to recall a jet engine, and radar antennas inside carbon fiber domes replicating those on AWACS airplanes. Other features include “huge exterior and interior spaces”, swimming pool and covered gym.

  3. Wind Motion, 70m Mathis Ruhl.
    French naval architect Mathis Rühl has released a new 70-meter trimaran superyacht concept called Wind Motion. As with his previous R77 sailing yacht concept, the key innovation lies in the rig, which features a multiple rotating twin wing mast fitted with foldable sails. Fully automated, this system would provide the yacht’s main propulsion even in medium wind conditions. Wind Motion features a central pivot point that supports two spars, reducing weight and vibrations, increasing the aerodynamic efficiency and freeing up more deck space. What’s more, Rühl explains that the rig could be fitted with wind turbines that would charge the yacht’s batteries when resting at anchor.

  4. Project Origami, 100m, George Lucian.
    Origami elements include a portside section that folds out to create a touch-and-go superyacht helipad as well as a glass-sided observation lounge. Moving further forward and the mast rises from the center of the full-beam swimming pool and culminates in a crow’s nest for the ultimate in 360-degree views out to sea. Lucian adds: “The project is designed for an owner who would not be afraid of stepping out of the traditional sailing yacht shapes, and going beyond anything that was built before, in terms of design, technology and environmental friendliness.”

  5. Art of Life, 115m, Sinot.
    “For Art of Life,” Sander Sinot explains, “we augmented this classic yacht type to an innovative motor yacht concept for the present day and the years to come. For the interior, we choose to focus on things in life that really matter, such as spending time with your loved ones, beauty and art. The integrated architecture of the design offers the owner a haven of privacy and the sensory stimuli for both inner peace and exploration of the beauty and richness of the world around us.”

  6. Tuhura, 115m, Oceanco.
    The main inspiration for the interior design is East Asia and the Pacific islands. Achille Salvagni refers to the interior as a “brushed teak habitat” (floors, walls, ceilings) including thin reveals in gunmetal and natural bronze with tatami floors. The nearly 400-foot-long Tuhura was conceived in collaboration with the Lobanov Design studio, BMT Nigel Gee, and interior designer Achille Salvagni to be unlike any yacht on the market. And they succeeded.

  7. Project L, 120m, Thierry Gaugain.
    Fresh from the boards of French designer Thierry Gaugain is the “ultra-modern” 120-meter superyacht concept Project L. Inspired by the “smooth form of a beach pebble”, Project L can be fully opened for a direct connection to the ocean. Powered by a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion package, Project L is designed to “glide” through the water. Futuristic features include the likes of a high-tech underwater media room, drive-in tender garage and submarine escape pod.

  8. Elyon, 110m, Expleo.
    Elyon’s motto: “Aim for the highest”. This approach is reflected in the concept’s multitude of onboard features, with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa, gym and wellness area, and even a casino room. The striking exterior was inspired by calm waves and features a dramatically sloped reverse bow. Accommodation is for up to 30 guests and the hull has been designed to achieve a top speed of 18 knots.

  9. Caronte, 58m, Lazzarini.
    Inspired by 17th-century pirate ships, 58-metre Caronte is the latest bold concept from the boards of Italian studio Lazzarini Design. The imposing bulwarks tower six meters above the waterline, allowing for huge interior volume, with room for two luxury cars to be stored in the aft garage.

  10. Intimisea, 100m, Expleo.
    Expleo Design’s debut concept, the 100-meter Intimisea places a strong emphasis on wide-open spaces. This can be seen in the sprawling aft deck with its huge swimming pool, which can be accessed directly from the upper deck via four slides. Other standout features include a foredeck helipad, owner’s deck, gym, 45-person cinema, and even an onboard casino. Accommodation is for 12 guests and 25 crew members, while the hull has been designed around a cruising speed of 16 knots.

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