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Top Colleges to Study Finance in Texas, 2020

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Finance and wealth determine the level of happiness and well-being of an individual. It was, is, and will remain one of the most important influencers in human life. Visualizing the growing importance of finance, a degree in finance is one of the most sought after programs across the world. If you are in Texas and aspire to have a great career in finance, investment and related industries, then you have to be very careful about college selection. All colleges are great in one sense or the other, but you have to find your suitability.

Degree in finance from reputed colleges of Texas will open vast opportunities in accountancy and investment firms, banking and insurance, financial planning and consultancy, and many more areas. Fresh finance graduates in the U.S. earn average $60,000 annually and mid-career professional gets average $97,000 annually. However, this varies depending on location, time, and of course your college from where you did your graduation in finance as major. Here are some of the top-rated colleges to study finance in Texas:

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Top Texas Universities to Study Finance   

Finance is one the most sought after subjects across all big and small colleges. Over 3,500 students are graduating from 38 colleges in Texas with a degree in finance and financial management. Since you have to invest in the range of $60,000 to $300,000 for a finance degree, you have to be very analytical in selecting your colleges. Read on to decide which college will suit you the best:

  1. The University of Texas at Austin
    If you are looking for the best college in Texas to pursue a degree in finance and financial management then The University of Texas, Austin is perfect for you. The state-of-art infrastructure, interactive learning with passionate faculty members and focus on practical learning make this college the best for studying finance in Texas. However, the workload could be challenging, but it will prepare you to be a more hardworking professional. This campus is very big and lively, full of activities as 20,000 students always remain active. Admission in UT Austin is very competitive with an acceptance rate of 36%.

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  2. Rice University
    Rice University is one of the best-rated private university, known for its quality education. This relatively small institution, located in Houston, Texas, enrolls 3,916 students in different departments with an acceptance rate of just 16%.  It is a small institution with an enrollment of 3,916 undergraduate students. The graduating rate of 91% indicates that the college administration is very engaging and helpful. Rice alumni get easy placements of average $56,000.

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  3. Southern Methodist University
    The beautifully designed campus is equally good in producing quality talents in every sphere. If you want a quality atmosphere to study finance in Texas, Southern Methodist University could be an option. Located in Dallas, SMU is known for its comprehensive curriculum, practical learning and of course world-class faculty. You will enjoy the suburban environment for scholarly learning. The 1:1 faculty ratio and financial assistance make SMU best in the league to pursue a finance degree in Texas. This mid-sized institute inducts over 6,000 students with an acceptance rate of 49%. Finance graduates get a job offer of an average of $54,000.

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  4. Texas A&M University – College Station
    This large and beautiful campus with a lively company of 20,000 students is perfect to pursue a degree in finance and financial management. Apart from bachelor’s program, Texas A&M University offers graduate degrees in finance. This highly-rated college is known for supporting military personnel. Located in College Station, Texas, this campus has an acceptance rate of 71% and the graduation rate is 81%. Graduating students get a starting salary of an average of $48,000.

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  5. The University of Texas at Dallas
    If you are in search of a big and dynamic campus for overall growth, then UT Dallas could be the best to pursue a degree in finance. Lively environment and interactive learning make UT Dallas one of the best campuses in Texas. Located in Richardson, Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, this highly-rated institution enrolls over 15,000 students annually with acceptance rate 76%, however, the graduating rate is a little low at 69%. UT Dallas alumni get an average offer of $44,000 as a starting annual salary.

There are several other world-class campuses like Texas Christian University, Baylor University, University of Houston, Trinity University, and Texas Tech University where you could get quality education in finance and lead a successful career as a finance professional. You know about your resources and requirement, so choose college keeping all factors in mind.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top Colleges to Study Finance in Texas, 2020
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