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Top Business Schools For A Career In Consulting, 2019

For a business student, getting a good masters or Ph.D. degree is of prime importance as they lack hands-on experience. The campus life during business graduation is the first place to understand the nuances of business, the potential challenges, and how to deal with them. Hence, the students are in active lookout for best B-schools which offer highly accomplished graduation degree in business. Fortunately, there are some greatly accomplished B-schools globally which made an unforgettable impact on the academic field. We bring you the list of the top six B-schools for a career in consulting spanned around the world that are consistently making a difference in the field of business:

  1. Harvard Business School, USA: It is a dream for every management aspirant to pursue an education in this magical campus. Having the longest history of making successful management graduates, Harvard is a mesmerizing place to study. With world-class faculty which focuses on applied teaching, fantastic campus placements, and largest library with a record number of volumes, Harvard is the first in the list of campuses which offers quality management education.

    The doctoral program in Accounting and Management – Research focuses on information and measurement systems for allocating resources among firms in the economy; rewarding and monitoring the performance of managers; formulating, executing and evaluating strategy; and understanding the profitability of suppliers, products, customers, distribution channels, and business units.

    The doctoral program in Business Economics & Finance – Focuses on the use of economic analysis and statistical methods for dealing effectively with management problems in applied business fields such as capital markets, financial institutions, corporate finance, experimental and behavioral economics, business strategy and industrial organization.

    Harvard Business School

  2. INSEAD, France:  This fantastic campus is termed as the best in Europe for amazing studies in management. It also has a dual campus in Singapore, the eastern world and enables the student to pursue a degree in both the places to get a culturally diverse experience.  With excellent figures in international students intake, INSEAD is a brilliant campus to study.
    Executive Master in Finance (EMFin) – Executive Master in Finance (EMFin) combines these characteristics with a tailored programme that will hone your leadership and management skills as well as deepen your knowledge of the sector.

    Accounting & Control Ph.D. Programme – Accounting research seeks to identify and understand the market and institutional forces that affect the production and use of information by organizations. Research topics typically fall into one of two categories: (1) financial accounting and (2) managerial accounting.

    Finance Ph.D. SPECIALISATION – Finance studies the workings of the financial system in an economy, and its role in channeling financial resources from suppliers of capital to its final users, and in allocating risk among investors. More specifically, finance examines the determinants of investment, portfolio, and financing choices of firms and individuals, and their mutual interactions. These issues are examined both from a theoretical and an empirical perspective, employing a variety of tools ranging from game theory and stochastic calculus to econometrics and statistics.

  3. London Business School, London, UK: A campus needs to have a historic background to give overall cultural strength to the student and shape them up to be global management graduates. London Business School is one such gifted management school of learning which has longest history in the region. United Kingdom is also known for its great cultural heritage and London Business School makes sure that the international student is offered a taste of it during the study in the campus.
    Masters in Finance (Fee: $56,000) – Develop a global view of finance on a flexible, customisable full- or part-time programme that can be tailored to suit your career goals. Choose from an extensive range of specialist electives, practitioner courses, industry-focused events and international experiences.

    Masters in Financial Analysis (Fee: $44,000) – Impressing the world’s top finance recruiters is a real challenge if you are a recent graduate. Stand out from the crowd with our Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA).

    Accounting Ph.D. – While the students focus on examining contemporary accounting research topics, they are provided with rigorous training in microeconomics, information economics, corporate finance, asset pricing, game theory, and econometric methods in the first two years of the programme.

    Finance Ph.D. – You will gain a deep understanding of the theory and the tools needed to conduct theoretical and applied research in the first year, study core courses including asset pricing, corporate finance, empirical finance, continuous-time finance, macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics and write your research paper in the second year.

  4. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA: Located in the progressive city Pennsylvania, this place is a dream for many students to pursue management graduation degree. The learning culture here is quite dynamic thereby enabling the students to come up with their own ideas while pursuing studies. This naturally makes the students inculcate progressive thought and shape up into successful business professionals.

    Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
    Wharton’s Ph.D. program in Finance provides students with a solid foundation in the theoretical and empirical tools of modern finance, drawing heavily on the discipline of economics.

    Wharton’s doctoral program in Accounting takes a multidisciplinary approach (including economics, operations management, and statistics) to meet the needs of today’s complex markets, integrating finance and economics with broader perspectives on organizational issues and the corporate regulatory environment.

  5. Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford, UK:  Many successful tech graduates and management graduates found their destiny in this magical campus with long history. The university offers education in multiple management disciplines which are a blend of old school tradition and contemporary changes. The student can acquire great methodological skills, along with hands-on experience in how to deal with real-time management issues.

    MSc Law and Finance (Fee: $54,000)- The full-time, ten-month programme offers students with a prior background in law the chance to develop an advanced interdisciplinary understanding of relevant economic and financial contexts.

    MSc Financial Economics (Fee: $55,000)– Propel your career with the necessary knowledge of finance and economics required by the financial sector. Intellectually tough and highly practical, the distinctive nature of the programme will give you outstanding international training in the tools sought by financial institutions and companies, in a variety of different industries.

  6. London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK: Known as LSE for short, the beautiful campus is known for state of the art education being provided at a consistent rate. The brilliant campus also has good infrastructure for the global student and enables them to interact with students from different nationalities and appreciate the aspects of diversity. The international student intake in here is quite impressive and the B-school also promotes gender equality.

    MSc Management and Strategy (Fee: $35,000)
    – The MSc Management and Strategy is a cutting-edge programme in managerial economics, designed to develop your analytical and critical skills in the core strategic issues facing managers and organisations in today’s fast-moving global business world.
    MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy (Fee: $36,000) – Developed for decision-makers, the executive MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy is designed to enhance strategic thinking and diplomatic negotiation skills. You will acquire the analytical tools to understand a changing world and the policy expertise to operate within it.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top Business Schools For A Career In Consulting, 2019
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