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Where Poland’s Richest Live: The Top 10 Wealthiest Cities?

With residents earning almost two times the national average, Warsaw is the wealthiest city in Poland, according to the CEOWORLD magazine data. People living in Warsaw earn $2,011 per head of population compared. The analysis was conducted by an independent wealth management firm CW Wealth.

Warsaw is followed by Wroclaw where residents earn $1,507 on average, Opole ($1,492) and Gdansk ($1,458). The top 10 list of cities includes also Krakow ($1,455), Poznan ($1,451), (Katowice $1,405), Olsztyn ($1,314), Rzeszow ($1,292), and Bialystok $1,238).

The top 10 wealthiest cities in Poland, 2019

  1. Warsaw: $2,011
  2. Wroclaw: $1,507
  3. Opole: $1,492
  4. Gdansk: $1,458
  5. Krakow: $1,455
  6. Poznan: $1,451
  7. Katowice: $1,405
  8. Olsztyn: $1,314
  9. Rzeszow: $1,292
  10. Bialystok: $1,238

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Alexandra Dimitropoulou
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