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4 Things Your Logo Says About Your Brand

Your logo is the first thing people see and remember when it comes to your brand.  Therefore, it needs to stand out and make a good impression at the same time. There are many ways you can speak to your customers or clients through your brand alone and therefore paying close attention to whatever you decide is crucial when it comes to the logo design of your brand. To get it right, it is important to decide beforehand what different things your logo can convey to your clients. We are here to help you figure out the same!

  1. How “Fun” Your Brand Is
    The use of bright colors, simple fonts and fun symbols combined with cute features and convey your brand stand for something fun and casual. This is generally used by brands representing games, food, kids, etc. You can even replace simple fonts with casual styles like Sans Serif or Comic Sans to convey a casual atmosphere around your brand. Any font that is flowing appears hand-drawn and less stiff can be used to make a logo that is fun and casual like your brand. You can even experiment with cute symbols to convey your brand idea without the use of words. For example, a pet store can use a cute animal like a dog or a cat as their logo.
  1. What Your Brand Stands For
    There are many ways to convey what your brand stands for or what your business is. The use of the logo is only one of the simpler and impactful way to do the same. If you are having trouble envisioning how to proceed and choose, then try out Turbologo logo maker to get great ideas and experiment before finally deciding on the logo that you want to try out. The use of symbols can be effective to give your clients an idea about your business. It also has been proven that people remember images more than words and therefore the use of pictures is a good way to start when deciding on the logo of your brand.
  1. How “Trustworthy” Your Brand Is
    This might sound unbelievable because it is difficult to believe how logos can describe an emotion like ‘trust’ but it actually works! People can read between the lines and can decipher the subtle nuances your logo wants to convey. Symbols like crests, circles and other classic designs give a trustworthy and professional appearance. Go for formal fonts and choose colors like navy, blue, black and gold to build up trust with your clients. This strategy is often employed by companies that need to build up a connection based on trust with their clients like medical and financial companies. They are the ones that lean more towards a style that is more formal, stiff and solid. The use of bold and classic fonts can convey a sense of trustworthiness towards your clients.
  1. How “Environment-Friendly” You Are
    In the current climate scenario, it is has become important to put the environment first for a better tomorrow. To convey your brand is environmentally conscious, you need to work on your logo too. You can do this by using green elements to give an earthy feel. The use of certain elements that are inspired by nature like trees, water, leaves and the sky can also make you connected with environment conscious groups. When you decide to make environment friendly logos, pay a close attention to the colors and symbols that you use. The font might differ according to your choice.

The above were some things that your logos can convey to your customers and therefore it is on you to decide which direction you want to go while designing them.

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Mindy Wright

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