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Ranked: Most Unsustainable Housing Markets In The World, 2019

Toronto business centre, Canada

Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden are the top three countries with the most unsustainable housing markets in the world, according to a new report.

They have the highest cost of housing compared with wages, beating Norway (No. 4), Australia (No. 5), Belgium (No. 6), and the United Kingdom (No. 7)- which are also vulnerable.

Key Housing Market Indicators: house price-rent ratio (the ratio of house prices to the annualized cost of rent); house price-income ratio (the ratio of house prices to household income); real house prices (housing prices adjusted for inflation); and credit to households percentage of GDP (amount of debt held by households, compared to total economic output).

Most unsustainable housing markets in the world, 2019:

  1. Canada
  2. New Zealand
  3. Sweden
  4. Norway
  5. Australia
  6. Belgium
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Netherlands
  9. Ireland
  10. Denmark
  11. Spain
  12. Austria
  13. France
  14. United States
  15. Switzerland
  16. Portugal
  17. Finland
  18. Germany
  19. Greece
  20. Italy
  21. Japan
  22. South Korea

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj is the CEO and editorial director at CEOWORLD magazine, the leading global business magazine written strictly for CEOs, CFOs, top managers, company directors, investors, senior executives, business leaders, and high net worth individuals.
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