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Amazing Sunset Points Around the World

OIA, Santorini,Greece

Nature in itself has a great ability to rejuvenate the soul, bring great peace and energize with its pristine landscapes. Sunrise and sunsets are something which is an inherent part of nature. Some people love to witness sunsets in particular because they emphasize on the importance of the current moment and the beauty of changing hues in the sky.

Every place has it’s own palette of colors when sunset time occurs. Varying from bright orange hues to bluish orange, witnessing a sunset is indeed an amazing experience. Here are some of the amazing sunset points around the world .

Amazing Sunset Points Around the World

  1. Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles), CA, US:  While Los Angeles is known for the glitziness and glamorous streets, it is also greatly known for its high-low terrain. From the top of Griffiths Observatory, you can witness the mesmerizing sky where the stars slowly start off emerging in.

    Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles), CA, US

  2. OIA, Santorini, Greece: This blissful place is known for the trademark white and blue architecture and for the best sunset view, head off to a cliffside here where the sun sets near amidst the white buildings into the serene waters of Aegis Sea.

    OIA, Santorini, Greece

  3. Ipanema Beach, Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil: The biggest advantage of viewing sunset here is the rocky terrain which shines like a diamond during the time. For all the sea lovers, Ipanema is also a budget destination. Being a west side destination, sunset is, of course, a brilliant view!

    Ipanema Beach, Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil

  4. Diamond Head State Monument (Honolulu), Hawaii, US: A volcano and state monument, one can witness the sun setting over the legendary Waikiki beach. Take accommodation at Hyatt Palace Waikiki Beach which is close to the foot of the volcano.

    Honolulu, Hawaii, US

  5. Taj Mahal, Agra, India: A historic marvel, Taj Mahal is a pristine monumental beauty undoubtedly. While spotting Taj Mahal over the moon is one breathtaking experience, sunset over this place is no less brilliant. The stunning colors of the sky reflect mesmerizingly over the white marble stones of the monument.

  6. Mallory Square, Key West, Florida, US: Head to Mallory Square where people from various parts of the world gather to witness sunset together. If lucky, you can also encounter jugglers and street musicians who perform and relish the sunset time with you!

    Mallory Square, Key West, Florida, US

  7. Parish Church of San Rocco, Italy:  High at the cliffs of Portofino National Park, a sweet little town named San Rocco exists. Watch the beautiful sight of Ligurian sea and the varying hues on of sunset over these waters. The coastal town Camogli is another brilliant place to visit for sunsets.

    San Rocco, Italy

  8. North Cape (Nordkapp), Finnmark, Norway: This is almost near the Arctic circle and during the summer the sun never sets! Witness the midnight sun which looks as if the time has frozen and it will never set at all! What a beautiful way to relish the sunset moments near the tip of the world?

    North Cape (Nordkapp) Finnmark, Norway

  9. Ao Kao Beach, Koh Mak, Thailand: Located near the Trat province of Thailand, this place offers serene and laid back sunset views. You cannot spot even an urbane building or skyscraper to get a fantastic view of the sunset.

    Ao Kao Beach, Koh Mak, Thailand

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Amazing Sunset Points Around the World
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