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Best Companies To Work For In Europe, 2019

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A company must rank in the top 90% of employers within at least four markets to earn a good position amongst Europe’s Most Attractive Employers. In the case your company isn’t listed or ranked outside the top 90% in a market, it gets a default positioning which is equivalent to the situation of the last organization in the top 90% for that showcase.

It is said that this year’s talent market is amazingly steady regardless of monetary and political vulnerability in Europe. In any case, outside of the individual top-eight, there has been a more prominent arrangement of movement among businesses in specific industries. Let’s find out some of the best companies in Europe you can work for:

  1. EXPEDIA: This Washington-based spinoff from Microsoft didn’t exist 20 years back. Currently, this travel organization has more than 200 travel booking websites with over 20,000 employees in around 75 countries including 1400 staff in London. In London, Expedia is known as the “worker’s heaven.
  2. SAP: SAP is considered as German’s mega-software giant company which is located in Waldorf. More than 90% of its current and past employees strongly recommend SAP. SAP is now the world’s biggest employers with nearly 80,000 staff. SAP is also ranked on number 15 in Business Insider’s 2017 list of top 50 great places to work and is highly rated.
  3. BAIN & CO.: You might be thinking that we will be listing Google or Apple on the third rank. Right? But guess who ranked on number 3, Bain & Co. This Boston based business consultancy is considered as bringing out the best and brightest MBAs from the top American Business schools and top graduates from London school of business such as HEC Paris and INSEAD. It has an overall 55 offices in more than 36 countries. In Europe itself, Bain has 18 offices from Madrid to Moscow. They give the top best salaries around 80,000 pounds to consultants.
  4. SALESFORCE: Salesforce was established by the most popular CEOs in the world Marc Benioff. This is another US tech company which was started with zero and grow to 100 seemingly overnight by creating excellent customer relationships that they didn’t think they would need it. Presently, Salesforce has more than 30,000 employees worldwide. You will see a very aggressive culture here with the monthly sales targets as it has a great product that can easily allow you to reach your target. San Francisco based Salesforce has a regional HQ in Lausanne covering Europe, Africa, and middle east.
  5. MARS: This privately held Washington based food company is becoming popular with the people who work there. MARS has overall 2,00,000 employees out of which 80,000 is based in Europe with its European headquarters in Brussels and operation offices located in Germany, UK, and Belgium. The company pays very well to their employees and gives a lot of flexibility said to be the employees who worked there. If you want to work for a company who is closely held then MARS is a place for you.
  6. PHILIPS: Philips was initially started in Eindhoven around 120 years ago which was famous for making lightbulbs. Today it is counted as one of the largest companies in the world with different divisions and headquarters in Amsterdam. Philips biggest part was Eindhoven-based healthcare. Philips has a diverse workforce brought from worldwide talents. Companies like ASML, Sapiens, and Shapeways have come out of Philips with funding from the parent company. The company also work with many universities like MIT and Technical University of Eindhoven to speed up their projects and increase local ecosystems.
  7. CISCO SYSTEMS: Cisco is just another high-tech company from the Valley which has a great reputation as the best places to work a few years ago. Competition is growing and increasing day by day however the company has maintained its ranking. Nearly 80,000 employees work in Cisco’s San Jose office and about 50% of employees work outside the US. Cisco’s security operation center is located in Krakow and headquarter is in Amsterdam.
  8. GOOGLE: Being a well-known company, Google has always secured its place on top companies to work in list. Google’s major European operation is located in Munich, London, Dublin, and Zurich. Nearly 2000 employees with extended capacity to 5000 people from almost 75 countries work in Zurich alone which make it the largest Google development center in Europe. Like all other Silicon Valley companies, Google also demands great quality work but always fulfilling employees work culture demand.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Best Companies To Work For In Europe, 2019
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