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6 Ways Employee Healthcare Benefits Can Do Wonders for an Organization

Like a cell in the body, an employee is the main building block of any organization. For continuous progress of an organization, management should ensure that the employees are getting a healthy work environment.

An interesting wellness program at the workplace can engage employees to practice healthy habits. Also, it will aid in combatting the leave issues because of health concerns. A healthy workforce will contribute in productive activities and multiply the growth rate of the organization.

Implementing a wellness program does no need much effort; slight changes in the daily routine can also be effective for health.  These fitness changes are not expensive and sometimes it is just a change in the lifestyle.

Here is a list of some of the changes that can help the employees to stay fit:

  1. Wellness zone: A wellness should be made available within office premises and the zone may include a sports court, a yoga room, dance class, swimming pool, gym room, etc. This will encourage the employees to follow fitness regime and take fitness breaks.
    A full time clinic like DocPrime should also be introduced where a medical practitioner can provide fitness advice such as certain diets to follow. The clinic should be well- required medicines and over the counter medicines such as Zincovit Tablet.
    Wellness zone in the office region would cut the extra cost that an employee needs to pay if one joins any of such activities, apart from saving the travel time.
  1. No smoking area: Smoking is harmful to the health, be it passive or active. Nowadays, people are being aware of the fact and trying to prevent passive effects of smoke by making a separate smoking area. But in contrary, this policy seems to help smokers.
    To discourage smoking altogether, there should not be any smoking zone in the office premises and the people who want to smoke should go out of the office to smoke. Apart from this, the management should implement methods to discourage smoking and help the smokers to discontinue this habit voluntarily.
  1. Cycling: This is another best method to encourage physical activity. Use of bicycle to commute to office within the radius of 5kms can benefit an employee in various ways. Other than this, some office area is considerably huge and employee has to use some mode of transportation. Availability of cycle in the premises itself can encourage its use. Use of bicycle can cut down the gym time and also, sitting while travelling can be replaced with productive work out.
    While cycling, an individual uses all the major muscles during pedaling. It helps reduce the fats, increase stamina, prevention and management of diseases. It also provides strength and aerobic fitness.
  1. Ensure healthy snacks in the canteen: Usually office people choose to munch chips or consume food with preservatives, to combat hunger. This is also done because they do not find food options which are available instantaneously and healthy at the same time.
    Providing healthy snacks such as peanuts, fresh fruits and dry fruits as options in the menu can help people to combat the hunger while maintaining health.
    To motivate people to eat healthy, the management can come up with the idea of providing menu card where food along with the corresponding calorie is mentioned. This will keep them to be in the high alert mode and choose the kind of food that suits their metabolism.
  1. Fitness band: The organization can provide fitness band or make it available at subsidized price. The band can help the employees to track the calories lost or gained. The band can also be used as a motivation factor to follow the fitness regime strictly. In this way people may avoid the use of junk food, lifts and escalator instead of stairs. The device will be a motivation factor to stick to the fitness routine.
  2. Walk: Walking habits should be inculcated in daily routine. Walking and talking while walking or attending a meeting can aid in boosting mental and physcial metabolism. Refferring to survey, attending a meeting while walking enhances the creative thought process of all the members who are attending the meeting.  However, few people may require training to practice this regime. All the members attending the meeting should be notified in advance, so that everyone is comfortable with the idea.
    Other than meeting, employees should use stairs instead of accelerator or meeting. It will aid in managing cholesterol and losing calories; tehreby increase the endurance, decreases the risk of heart diseases and reduces body fat.
    One interesting way to encourage this act is to hang posters on staitrs and walking areas that show the directions and quotes the benefits realted to walking.

In today’s world, the health of employees is an important concern and in coming years it will more significant. There are some circumstances that can’t be avoided but few diseases and related symptoms can be controlled by educating employees and motivating them to stay fit.

Above tips will create not only healthy and fit work environment but also more competitive and productive environment. It will also result in a creativeworkforce.

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