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Top Fashion Vlogs From All Over the World

Being up to date about fashion and grooming trends has become a necessity for the contemporary woman of today. Though you might think of having an individual style when it comes to grooming or choosing to cloth, it doesn’t harm to know how the world is progressing in the fashion world.  Irrespective of profession or ideologies, knowing about the fashionable world is best done by following the best fashion vlogs over the internet.

Here are some of such top fashion vlogs all over the world which keeps your day sassy and also adorable:

1. Zoella- Lifestyle Youtuber: This amazing vlogger has been in the business since 2009 and been making waves ever since with her thoughtful ideas about fashion, wellness and many more such insights. Belonging to London, the home of classy fashion- Zoella brings the best of fashion at your doorstep!
Links: Website, Twitter, and Facebook.

2. Vanessa Ziletti: Hailing from the exotic country Italy, she brings the best of makeup tips, hairdos, self- care ideas and interesting video travelogues to keep you inspired.  Her ideas are easy to implement friendly towards the common folk and also, carry a tinge of style.
Links: Website, Instagram, and Facebook.

3. Mimi Ikonn: This lovely model has been revolutionizing hair ideas and self- care tips with her own style of talking and a personal connection. Her videos are of high quality and make perfect sense for every woman in the world. She has earned some amazing fans all over the world with her personalized touch towards women’s issues relating to hair. Her practical ideas on how to maintain healthy hair are science-backed and easy to implement.
Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

4. Pick Up Limes by Sadia Badiei: The channel not only focuses on looking good and fashion but also on healthy eating and wellness. Her tea talks have become quite a sensation with her pleasant expressions and soothing voice.
Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

5. Isabel Palacios: She believes that true beauty comes from within and gives expert tips in maintaining a fashionable look with the existing wardrobe. Her motivational videos are a plus which deals with women’s personal and professional issues as well. She loves to keep things simple and expressive which finds amazing connect with women all over the world.
Links: Website and Instagram.

6. Ashley Brooke: This stylish fashion model has the best tips in mix and matching outfits along with accessorizing your clothing. She aims to provide videos for all purposes – let it be for a work day or a fun party. Her in-depth research on styles of boots is one must watch a video in her channel!
Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

7. Sarah Therese: An amazing human being within and out, she brings life thoughts and sensibilities in the world of fashion. Her cheerful ideas are quite motivating to follow and implement. You can follow Sarah on Instagram.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top Fashion Vlogs From All Over the World
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