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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - 5 Exotic Street Food Havens To Check Out In 2019

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5 Exotic Street Food Havens To Check Out In 2019

If you are looking to indulge in some snacks that fill your appetite owing to their mouth feel and taste, street food is a must try. The world loves to try street food because it is cheap and fulfilling. There is a variety to choose from in every nook and corner. Different countries around the world have varieties of street delicacies to try out. While some maybe savory, others might be sweet or snazzy. There is a mix of taste, flavours and most importantly cultures. The great factor about street food is everyone likes to have a taste of it.

If you are a traveller, foodie or food blogger, you would love to add the following street food havens to your list. These dishes are highly popular and have been tried from people all around the world for their uniqueness. If you haven’t tried these, then what have you? Plan your next trip according to these street food havens:

  1. Hong Kong, China: Every corner of China is full of small stalls that sell a bunch of goodness. No matter what time of the day you decide to visit, you will never feed even one street shop closed. Hong Kong loves to cater to the tourist’s needs and takes its street food very seriously! Most of the street food vendors there are inclined towards marketplaces so locating them would not be an issue. There are also many clustered food joints that make a food court-like ambiance to indulge in different cuisines to travellers from around the world. Since Hong Kong and its Thai community is in prominence, don’t forget to try out their dumplings and soups. The authentic Thai cuisine also offers other dishes like fish balls, dai pai dongs, egg waffles and tarts and so much more!
  2. India: India offers a host of cultures and hence the varieties in cuisines are vast! Some people love the North Indian dishes like butter chicken, freshly cooked paneer with saag leaves, while the South Indian dishes like dosa, uttapam, vada are in prominence from Central India to the South. Central and East India has a street food joint every 5 steps offering some of the best sweets and snacks. The vendors start off as early as 6 am to prepare for their day and serve piping hot breakfast for the different office goers and travellers. Even in the middle of the night, you can scout for the roadside food joints which serve proper dinner and dessert that would not even make a hole in your pocket. Chaat, bhel puri, golgappas, sweets like sev, jalebi and sandesh are some of the immensely loved street food available throughout the country. Every city offers their special snacks and sweets and India would definitely not disappoint.
  3. Sydney, Australia: If you love seafood and want to try the best in the world for a valuable deal, Sydney should be your go-to destination! It has the best seafood scouted and handpicked by fisherman and sold for the most reasonable prices by the street food vendors. There are different kinds of exotic fishes available for you to try and are collected from various locations. The Sydney Fish Market goes hand in hand with the Japanese Market. Apart from seafood, you can also find amazing Chinese dishes which offer a good quantity besides being fresh and really yum! Treat your tastebuds to pigs in a blanket, some exotic beef, spring rolls, burgers and pretzels. They also serve homemade chilli, the world famous phaos, som tam thai and miso ramen.
  4. Athens, Greece: If Greece is famous for one thing then it is its ;souvlaki’. The best chefs provide some exquisite street food that you might not have heard of before! Their unique spinach pie is a must-have if you are on your way here in 2019. The street food in Greece mixes the cuisines and flavours of Istanbul and Lebanon as well. You would also like to try the eggplants, salads and herbs. You can find pita bread, hummus, sweets made of rose water, and a host of seafood options will be made available to you in this land. It makes for a great honeymoon sport and how!
  5. Mexico: Mexican food is a popular option among a lot of people. This is because a number of its varieties are found around the world while some specific dishes are available in particular regions. Quessidals, gorditas, quiche, tacos and a number of funky options are out there at every stall. These street food choices are referred to as ‘little cravings’ because they fill your appetite for a short time and are also good for the health.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - 5 Exotic Street Food Havens To Check Out In 2019
Eva R Sachdeva
Travel and lifestyle reporter at the CEOWORLD magazine.