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Tips for Planning Your Business Day Effectively

A business day usually involves a lot of tasks which needs to be done in priority and in time. Most of the people get overwhelmed with the mountain of work which leads to stress.

In short, the stress about completing work in time affects productivity and even business results. This has made many business professionals understand the worth of planning and managing the time they have in hand- in an effective manner.

Here are some handy tips which would help budding business folks along with established entrepreneurs to plan their day in a better fashion:

  1. Befriend Your Time: Knowing the duration of time which is already scheduled for the day and which is in leisure is quite essential to assign tasks to each time frame. Even for the scheduled tasks, keep a grace time of at least 30 minutes because such activities have a tendency to push ahead than planned.
  2. Plan the Day Before: Planning the next day today itself is one of the greatest management habits one can cultivate. It instantly reduces stress and the overwhelming feeling of a task completion goes off.  There is always room for extempore tasks and planning the major tasks well a day before has proven to be effective.
  3. Use Time Boxing: Instead of doing a task and being stuck in it forever, it is always useful to classify your time. Based on the intensity and the volume of the task, assign specific time frames. In this way, the stressful feeling of a task being unattainable goes off. It also brings up great positivity to the approach. It might get a bit difficult to do this initially, especially for those who multitask, but when you realize the power of this tool and implement it with discipline- things go in the flow.
  4. Long Term Focus: Though the principle of being in present, and seize the day work well philosophically, a business day is somewhat different. It is customary for the business professional to not just plan out a day but also for long term goals. It also brings awareness about how well he/she is focusing on longer ambition and keeps them motivated about it.  Having a long term target not only makes a day productive but also pumps in an additional zeal to the business.
  5. Document Your Time: As they say, writing down a plan always gives a better picture of how well it might work. It also allows adding more changes to a plan with a feedback based approach. There are wonderful apps such as Google Keep which allows you to color code your tasks and set timely reminders to make the boring process of planning quite fun.
  6. Know Your Strengths: Every person has a peak hour of productivity during the day when a lot of focus happens along with some good results. It is necessary to plan the top priority tasks which demand a lot of time and attention during this hour.  This remarkably boosts confidence and also allows the work to finish faster.

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