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The 6 Ingredients To Make Your Landscape Photos A Success

Malta - Malta Valley

Have you noticed that it is often difficult to capture and restore the beauty of a landscape? Even if you spend time and energy, the result is not always up to scratch. It’s a fact, a beautiful landscape does not automatically give a good photo.

Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe for a landscape photo to be successful every time. It would be too simple! On the other hand, the presence of certain “ingredients” contributes to the realization of beautiful photos. And that’s what I propose to discover in this article!

We will see together what are the 6 ingredients you need to incorporate so that your landscape photos are up to your expectations.

#1: Good Knowledge of the Material

What is good with the landscape picture is that it is not essential to have equipment to several thousand dollars to make a success of his photos. Unlike other disciplines, such as wildlife photography where expensive long lenses are often needed, landscape photography is an accessible discipline.

It should be noted however that a good knowledge of the equipment is a serious asset. Even if you do not need a state-of-the-art camera like one of the best mirrorless camera, it is necessary to understand how your device works but also what accessories might be useful.

#2: Effective Framing and Composition

Do you know that framing and composition are responsible for a lot of the success of a photo? We often think first and foremost about the settings or the choice of material, but we forget that the way we will arrange the elements in the frame is just as important!

You can have in front of you a superb landscape, bathed by a splendid light. If your frame is rough or your composition is flawed, there is a good chance that your picture is missed or lacks interest. Thus, to attract the eye, it is necessary that the elements are positioned at the right place.

#3: A Beautiful Light

I’m probably not going to surprise you by telling you that light is a determining factor in landscape photography! Unlike the studio photo where it is possible to model the light through artificial lighting, the landscape photographer has to face an additional difficulty. He is dependent on external conditions and must adapt to what nature offers him.

At the beginning of the day, the light becomes soft and colorful and is of better quality than in the middle of the day. In the photo below, I waited until the end of the day for the light to highlight the landscape I had in front of me.

#4: Controlled Exposure

Have you ever had a white, faded or dull sky on your photos while it was blue at the time of shooting? Or a foreground while dark while it seemed to be properly lit? If you have been faced with these difficulties, you are surely convinced that bad exposure can ruin a photo!

If the mastery of the exhibition is essential in all areas of photography, it is perhaps even more in landscape photography. Indeed, outdoors, it is common to meet scenes with difficult lighting which complicates the photographer’s task.

#5: Perfect Clarity

When we photograph a landscape, we often try to obtain maximum clarity, from the foreground to the background. Since a landscape picture is generally more descriptive than suggestive, the viewer must be able to wander through the image and inspect every detail.

There are many factors that can cause a lack of sharpness: shutter speed too slow by freehand photography, aperture too large, focus in the wrong place, vibration related to the movement of the mirror for SLRs, etc. As much as possible, it’s best to combine all the settings to ensure maximum clarity.

#6: Adequate Post-treatment

Even if you have made the correct settings during shooting, it is almost always necessary to go through the post-processing box. Not to cheat and change the reality (well, it’s your right too!), But rather to restore and showcase what you saw in the field.

The post-treatment will just allow you to correct all the small problems like lack of sharpness, colors or contrast and give some punch to your landscape photos.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - The 6 Ingredients To Make Your Landscape Photos A Success
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