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Body Shapes And Pants For Them

Selecting the perfect outfit for ourselves has always been a tricky puzzle for us. So, we help you with a few pieces of advice regarding the types of pants apt for your body shape:-


It is signalized by the upper half (bust and shoulders) being broader than the lower half (buttocks) with the not-so-defined waistline. Women bearing the apple-shaped body have thinner arms, well-toned legs, and lesser curvy hips. To flatter your figure, you shall wear something that draws attention towards your toned legs. Flared, denim, trouser-cut and boot-cut pants will be the best options to look after. Pants with back pockets will also help to highlight your hips, eventually, balance out your looks.

Avoid skinny pants as it will trivialize your legs and your waist look even larger.


Portrayed by hips comparatively larger than bust, thicker thighs with the well-defined waistline, women blessed with pear-shaped bodies have a graceful neck and slim arms and shoulders. Straight leg or flared-bottom pants will be an unparallel option for such beauties as these will create the bottom half with the full volume all the way down, eventually balancing out the look.

Avoid pants with detailing on the hip area, as it will flatter your least flattering part. Cigarette pants are a big NO for them as these will brandish your actual hip size.


If you have equally broader shoulders and hips, flat bottom and no well-defined waistline, then you depict a rectangular body shape. Such body shapes don’t have many curves. Good hips and thighs allow you to maintain a discerning appearance. Generally, models carry such a figure. If you too are outlined by this body shape then you are lucky, as you have numerous clothing options to exercise. You can try almost any shape pants but slightly flared one will make you look exquisite since it adds more shape to your body. Low to mid-waist body-hugging pants are predominantly contemplated to be the best.

Avoid shapeless and straight dresses as it will portray your body as more lean and straight.


Such a body shape is outlined by shoulders narrower than the hips, rendering it a little curvaceous structure. Straight fit and flared pants (like palazzo pants) will be an unexcelled option for them as these will smoothen out the entire look.

Avoid fitted pants if hips and thighs are way too heavy.


This body shape covers narrower hips and broader shoulders. The aim here is to enhance your hips, which elements like ruffles do the needful. Dhoti pants are your best companion if you fall under this category. Pants with side/hip pockets or horizontal strips and in bold textures may help to showcase more width to the lower half.


This body type is disported by equally wide shoulders and buttocks with the well-defined waistline. Mid-rise and high-rise pants and pants with flare will paragon you the best if you carry this ‘almost-perfect’ figure, as this creates a longer and slimmer appearance of your legs. You can experiment with skinny-leg pants only if you have naturally long and lean legs.

You shall not go for bottoms with flaps and details at the hip.


This body shape is delineated as a larger bust and narrower hips with little or no waistline. Pants that flaunt their shapely legs will be an ideal option and slim-fit trousers are the best example of it.

Low-waist pants shall be avoided as these will portray the legs shorter.


If your hips are broader than your bust and shoulders with an undefined waist, then your body shape symbolizes diamond-shaped structure. Choose pants that will lean and elongate your lower body. You can simply dangle in straight dark-colored pants with simple back and hip pockets.

Skinny pants are not desirable for you at all.


Women less than 5’4” fall under this category. High-rise pants are highly recommended to make such women outlined. If you are a petite woman with a short torso, then you can go for mid-rise pants (as high-rise pants will make your torso look even shorter).

So, analyze carefully your body shape and pick-up the right pant for yourself and just flaunt in style.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Body Shapes And Pants For Them
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