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27 Best Countries In The World For Starting A Career, 2019


Qatar has been named as the best country in the world for starting a career, according to US news ranking for 2019. Turkey earned the No. 2 spot, followed by the United Arab Emirates in third and Russia in forth. France is next on the list.

The ranking looked at how nearly 7,000 millennials (defined as adults less than 35 years old) scored countries on seven criteria: job market, economic stability, entrepreneurial atmosphere, income equality, innovation, progressiveness, and whether they wanted to live there. Which are the best countries for starting a career? How does the United States compare to the rest of the world?

Keep reading to check out the full list of the 27 best countries for starting a career.

1. Qatar
Capital: Doha
GDP: $167.6 billion
Population: 2.6 million

2. Turkey
Capital: Ankara
GDP: $851.1 billion
Population: 80.7 million

3. United Arab Emirates
Capital: Abu Dhabi
GDP: $382.6 billion
Population: 9.4 million

4. Russia
Capital: Moscow
GDP: $1.6 trillion
Population: 144.5 million

5. France
Capital: Paris
GDP: $2.6 trillion
Population: 67.1 million

6. Ukraine
Capital: Kiev
GDP: $112.2 billion
Population: 44.8 million

7. Spain
Capital: Madrid
GDP: $1.3 trillion
Population: 46.6 million

8. United Kingdom
Capital: London
GDP: $2.6 trillion
Population: 66.0 million

9. Italy
Capital: Rome
GDP: $1.9 trillion
Population: 60.6 million

10. Poland
Capital: Warsaw
GDP: $524.5 billion
Population: 38.0 million

11. Czech Republic
Capital: Prague
GDP: $215.7 billion
Population: 10.6 million

12. Croatia
Capital: Zagreb
GDP: $54.8 billion
Population: 4.1 million

13. Malaysia
Capital: Kuala Lumpur
GDP: $314.5 billion
Population: 31.6 million

14. Lithuania
Capital: Vilnius
GDP: $47.2 billion
Population: 2.8 million

15. Japan
Capital: Tokyo
GDP: $4.9 trillion
Population: 126.8 million

16. Romania
Capital: Bucharest
GDP: $211.8 billion
Population: 19.6 million

17. China
Capital: Beijing
GDP: $12.2 trillion
Population: 1.4 billion

18. Canada
Capital: Ottawa
GDP: $1.7 trillion
Population: 36.7 million

19. Belgium
Capital: Brussels
GDP: $492.7 billion
Population: 11.4 million

20. Argentina
Capital: Buenos Aires
GDP: $637.6 billion
Population: 44.3 million

21. South Africa
Capital: Pretoria
GDP: $349.4 billion
Population: 56.7 million

22. Portugal
Capital: Lisbon
GDP: $217.6 billion
Population: 10.3 million

23. Philippines
Capital: Manila
GDP: $313.6 billion
Population: 104.9 million

Manila, Philippines

24. Netherlands
Capital: Amsterdam
GDP: $826.2 billion
Population: 17.1 million

25. Indonesia
Capital: Jakarta
GDP: $1.0 trillion
Population: 264.0 million

26. Brazil
Capital: Brasilia
GDP: $2.1 trillion
Population: 209.3 million

27. Greece
Capital: Athens
GDP: $200.3 billion
Population: 10.8 million

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