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Meet The Richest 50 People In Australia By Net Worth For 2019

With a personal wealth of US$14.8 billion, Mining mogul Gina Rinehart is the richest person in Australia for 2019, according to the Forbes list. Property tycoon Harry Triguboff retain number 2 placing with a net worth of $US9 billion, while cardboard-box kingpin Anthony Pratt stays 3rd with $US6.8 billion, and retail tycoon Frank Lowy remains 4th with $US6.5 billion.

There are six women in the top 50 list of Australians by net worth, with Australia’s second richest woman, Fiona Germinder, worth $US2.3 billion and in 16th place overall.

Gina Rinehart: $US14.8 billion
Fiona Geminder: $US2.3 billionS
Heloise Pratt: $US1.76 billion
Angela Bennett: $US1.65 billion
Gretel Packer: $US1.6 billion
Judith Neilson: $US1.02 billion

Note: The table below shows a ranking of the 50 richest people in Australia as of January 18, 2019. At this time Gina Rinehart was Australia’s richest person with a net worth of 14.8 billion U.S. dollars.

The ranking is compiled using information from the individuals, stock exchanges, analysts, private databases, government agencies, and other sources.

The Richest People In Australia For 2019:

RankNameNet worth (January 2019) Source(s) of wealth
1Gina Rinehart USD$ 14.8 billionmining
2Harry Triguboff USD$ 9 billionreal estate
3Anthony Pratt USD$ 6.8 billionmanufacturing
4Frank Lowy USD$ 6.5 billionshopping malls
5Mike Cannon-Brookes USD$ 6.4 billionsoftware
6Scott Farquhar USD$ 6.4 billionsoftware
7Andrew Forrest USD$ 4.3 billionmining
8John Gandel USD$ 4 billionshopping malls
9James Packer USD$ 3.6 billioncasinos
10Lindsay Fox USD$ 3.5 billionlogistics, real estate
11Bianca Rinehart & siblings USD$ 3.1 billionmining
12Kerry Stokes USD$ 2.9 billionconstruction equipment, media
13Michael Hintze USD$ 2.55 billioninvestment
14John, Alan & Bruce Wilson USD$ 2.5 billionretailing
15Lang Walker USD$ 2.4 billionreal estate
16Fiona Geminder USD$ 2.3 billionmanufacturing
17Richard White USD$ 2.2 billionsoftware
18Maurice Alter USD$ 2.1 billionreal estate
19David Hains USD$ 1.9 billionInvestment
20Clive Palmer USD$ 1.8 billionmining
21Heloise Pratt USD$ 1.76 billionmanufacturing, investment
22Tony & Ron Perich USD$ 1.75 billionagriculture/real estate
23Jack Cowin USD$ 1.7 billionfast food
24Angela Bennett USD$ 1.65 billionmining
25David Teoh USD$ 1.62 billiontelecoms
26Gretel Packer USD$ 1.6 billioncasinos
27Nigel Austin USD$ 1.5 billionretailing
28Solomon Lew USD$ 1.46 billionretail
29Brett Blundy USD$ 1.44 billionretail, agribusiness
30Bob Ell USD$ 1.42 billionreal estate
31John Van Lieshout USD$ 1.4 billionreal estate
32Gerry Harvey USD$ 1.35 billionretail
33Manny Stul USD$ 1.3 billiontoys
34Kerr Neilson USD$ 1.24 billioninvestment
35Sam Tarascio USD$ 1.22 billionreal estate
36Terry Snow USD$ 1.2 billionairports, real estate
37Judith Neilson USD$ 1.02 billioninvestments
38Alan Rydge USD$ 1 billionentertainment
39Maha Sinnathamby USD$ 980 M real estate
40Paul Little USD$ 950 M logistics, real estate
41Chris Wallin USD$ 910 M mining
42Len Ainsworth USD$ 900 M betting machines
43Bruce Mathieson USD$ 870 M hotels
44Con Makris USD$ 850 M real estate
45Russell Withers USD$ 825 M Food & Beverage
46Ralph Sarich USD$ 810 M real estate
47Richard Smith USD$ 800 M food distribution
48John Kahlbetzer USD$ 770 M agribusiness
49Chris Morris USD$ 760 M software, hospitality
50Michael Heine USD$ 750 M financial services

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Meet The Richest 50 People In Australia By Net Worth For 2019

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