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These Are The Best-Paying Engineering Jobs In America, 2018

Your engineering degree can have an even bigger impact on future earnings than the choice of colleges and universities. So, we thought this might be useful to explore those disciplines of engineering that tend to pay the most.

Not surprisingly, Petroleum Engineers had the highest average annual salary in 2018 at $147,520, while Rail Yard Engineers had the lowest at $44,810.

However, the study also found that 58 percent of petroleum engineers felt they weren’t “fairly compensated” for their labors, even as their income increased by an average of 12 percent in the past year, one of the highest rates of growth among specialists. About half of marine engineers told CEOWORLD magazine they weren’t satisfied with their compensation.

To identify the highest paid engineering jobs in America in 2018, CEOWORLD magazine reviewed the data from the US. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and National Society of Professional Engineers. So, if you are looking for the highest paying jobs in the engineering field, take a moment to read the following list – which engineering careers offer the highest salaries.

These Are The Best-Paying Engineering Jobs In America, 2018:

RankOccupationAverage Annual SalaryNot Fairly Compensated
1Petroleum Engineers$14752058%
2Architectural & Engineering Managers$13872042%
3Airline Pilots & Flight Engineers$13176039%
4Computer Hardware Engineers$11065053%
5Aerospace Engineers$10770043%
6Sales Engineers$10466054%
7Nuclear Engineers$10463033%
8Chemical Engineers$10359047%
9Engineering Professors$10200028%
10Mining & Geological Engineers$10097046%
11Electronics Engineers$9966032%
12Marine Engineers$9916050%
13Engineers, All Other$9635023%
14Electrical Engineers$9578038%
15Biomedical Engineers$9176019%
16Materials Engineers$9115056%
17Mechanical Engineers$8714044%
18Civil Engineers$8713037%
19Environmental Engineers$8634027%
20Industrial Engineers$8511034%
21Health & Safety Engineers$8485030%
22Agricultural Engineers$7544022%
23Ship Engineers$7460041%
24Aerospace Engineering & Operations$6431025%
25Engineering Technicians$6314029%
26Electrical & Electronics Engineering Tech$6033031%
27Sound Engineering Tech$5867052%
28Stationary Engineers$5807045%
29Locomotive Engineers$5700036%
30Industrial Engineering Tech$5566055%
31Mechanical Engineering Tech$5547035%
32Environmental Engineering Tech$510304%0
33Civil Engineering Technicians$5029049%
34Operating Engineers$4802048%
35Rail Yard Engineers$4481051%

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