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Share Of Unemployed Receiving Unemployment Benefits [Infographic]

Almost seven-in-ten British citizen without work do not receive unemployment benefits, according to data from OECD Employment Outlook 2018.  Finland, Belgium, and France are at the higher end of the scale with 63.7%, 60% and 42% respectively, while in the United States, the share is just 12.4% while in Italy, it is lower still at 8.4%.

Across 24 OECD countries, fewer than one-in-four jobseekers receive unemployment benefits on average. Many governments have tightened entitlement conditions or reduced the duration of the benefit in recent years.

The following infographic provides an overview of the situation in selected OECD countries with coverage rates highest in Finland at 63.7 percent.

Share Of Unemployed Receiving Unemployment Benefits

Finland: 63.7%
Belgium: 60.0%
France: 42.0%
Switzerland: 36.1%
Australia: 34.6%
Spain: 27.6%
United Kingdom: 26.1%
Sweden: 21.0%
United States: 12.4%
Italy: 8.4%

Share Of Unemployed Receiving Unemployment Benefits [Infographic]

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