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On The Edge Of The Earth: 3 Most Unexpected Destinations For Luxury Travelers

We used to think that only big gorgeous cities and secluded sandy islands could be the coveted destinations for luxury travelers. That is going to change after reading that article. Papercheap experts are about to explore the beauty on the edge of the Earth and the countries at the end of the map. These destinations are not on the list of the most-visited countries in the world, but you can’t call yourself a true traveler until making the trips to these magnificent places. Here is your homework for 2019.

Tierra Del Fuego, Ushuaia

If you hold up the World map, Terra Del Fuego is literally the very bottom. Nothing below it but Antarctica. So, fasten the seat belt of your rented Jeep: we are ready to take a tour across the whole Terra Del Fuego Island.

Where to Stay

The first thing to think about is a hotel. There are three luxury hotels in Ushuaia. But only one of them hosted Leonardo Di Caprio when he was here for the filming of “The Revenant.” Leo and the whole crew stayed at the mountaintop Arakur Hotel. To live here is like to climb into an eagle’s nest. The view is so breathtaking and the windowsill is so cozy that all you need to do is to wear the wool socks and sip on hot cocoa. One pulls Ushuaia’s hotels use to lure tourists are open-air hot Jacuzzis with an unforgettable terrace view. What better Saturday morning you can think of rather than swimming in a hot Jacuzzi overlooking the snowy Andes of Patagonia?

What to See

Start your Terra Del Fuego tour with the southernmost railway in the world. Some of the must-see spots you cannot drive to. The train is the only alternative and a very cute one at that. Premium class cabins will include the services of a personal train attendant and a hot dish dinner for $100. But you can go with off the menu item and get Super VIP class with your own personal railcar for $850.

When you ride on this train you almost feel like the rails are taking you straight to the silver screen. This railway is your only ticket to tap into such wilderness. You will admire the mighty silence that inhabits these mountains. No thousands of tourists, cars or pedestrians to disturb your contact with nature. It reminds you of an old fairy tale of your grandma – snowy peaks are next to blooming dandelions, wild birds and Mustangs are at an arm’s reach.

Luxury tourist attraction number two is Magellanic Penguin colony located on a Martillo Island. To see the Penguins, you need to sail through the Beagle Canal while soaking in the majestic scenery. This is where Atlantic and Pacific oceans cross their waters. Just a 1000 km south from here Antarctica’s glaciers lay still. Real-life penguins are just as funny and splayfooted as you remember from the cartoons. Check them out just chilling in the sun, snorkeling, munching on some green grass.

So, once you have taken a train, been on a boat and ridden a car, you have to take to the sky in order to get the best view. It takes you only 5 minutes to reach the top of icy silence kingdom. Believe us, it is going to be one of those “pinch me” moments.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown got lost in the bottom half of New Zealand, that tiny line in the lower right corner of your map. This city is isolated from the rest of the planet and protected by the giant mountains. Whenever you are in the need of a break, a dose of adrenaline, or a cure for a broken heart, just jump on the plane to the Queenstown.

Where to Stay

It is so simple – Azur Luxury Lodge. The villas of Azur Luxury Lodge are an under-the-radar jewel that offers you an unparalleled experience. Hugging the side of a mountain hundreds of feet above Lake Wakatipu, it offers the stunning views. This is a perfect destination for those who want to pamper themselves. No time for adjectives, let’s explore the city.

Where to Start From?

The answer is the plane. Pay extra $20 to get the window seat and enjoy insanely beautiful tour straightaway. If you can’t get enough of Queenstown’s nature, ride up to the Bob’s Peak and stick around to catch blue hour overlooking a mountain range “The Remarkables.”

Queenstown is the perfect destination for adrenaline addicts with its paragliding, jet boating, rafting, diving, etc. Start with the Skippers Canyon and try out its jet boating. To get there, be ready to drive along the cliff edge and enjoy one of the most dangerous yet terrific roads on the Earth.

There is one more secret place to visit in Queenstown and it is called Paradise Valley. At the first sight, it reminds you of the land before the time of humans. But once you start peering into the landscape, you realize that you are in the middle of a movie set. “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “The Hobbit Trilogy”, “X-Men Origins” were filmed here. No wonder it is such a magical place. This valley has got the power of the Ring, the wisdom of the Lion and wilderness of the Wolverine. You might ask “Why do I have to spend thousands of dollars to get there?” Because it gives so precious feeling of a small person in the hands of all-powerful nature.

Cusco, Peru

Machu Picchu is not the only landmark that an ancient capital of the Incas is famous for. Cusco has strange native rituals and the unsolved mysteries of a dead civilization, dizzying heights, and masterpieces that were created by nature. Cusco is an adventure at the peak of your abilities that only luxury traveler can afford.

Where to Stay

To tell the truth, in Cusco you will not have a lot of time to enjoy the SPA, jacuzzi, massages and other advantages of the hotel’s service. So, you can’t go wrong with any luxury hotel to sleep over. Choosing the right car is something you should think of. Luxury travelers visit Peru for the sake of adventure, to see remote villages, and solve the secrets of the ancient ruins. Ferraris and Lamborghinis are not cutting it here. S.U.V. is the best transport for Peruvian mountains, fields, and menacing roads.

What Is So Special

Cusco is without a doubt one of the most attractive small cities in the world. It looks 100% Spanish, but the inhabitants are the real Peruvian Indians who preserve their traditions, wear colorful costumes, and carry heavy traditional bags on their backs. Instead of playing guitars during holidays, they blow into seashells, instead of puppies, they pet baby alpacas. Sometimes, it seems that this city has more alpacas than people.

Saqsaywaman fortress is one of the must-see spots in Cusco. You might think “Oh, the huge stone walls, so trivial and not for the luxury traveler at all.” But coming to the place like this really sparks your interest and brings the inner little boy or girl out of you. Once you take a look at that fortress, you get a sense of how advanced the civilization was. The weight of these stones is more than 180 tons. No special machinery was used to bring them in here, yet the space between them is so tight that it is impossible to squeeze a credit card in. Here is another riddle – how can these enormous stones be so perfectly polished? That is exactly how young Indiana Jones wakes up in you.

The rainbow mountains of Winicunca is another thing a true traveler just can’t miss out. A road to Winicunca Mountain is a winding serpent inside the deep canyons, and Winicunca itself is as colorful as a Peruvian poncho. There is an adventure for luxury travel – it is time to soar above the ground: try out the paraglider to enjoy 360 degrees of majesty.

These travel destinations are a mix of secluded Madagascar, spacious Iceland, and your home. Do you remember that feeling of coming home after a long trip? You will feel the same there.

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