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10 Reasons Video Production Is the Best Method of Advertising

Every business needs advertising and marketing at some point. Some start with small local offline campaigns and many others go digital. What type of advertising you choose depends on the nature of your business, but one thing you can always consider including in your advertising plan – video production.

No matter how small or big your company is, video advertising gives your brand a voice, a human touch. Researches in the advertising industry have shown why video production is important. You can use videos to communicate complex business ideas easily and you can help your target customers, investors, and affiliates understand your products and services through videos. That’s not enough, video production can do a lot more for your business and that’s why people call it the best method of advertising. Here we have listed 10 reasons to help you learn more about why videos matter in advertising.

  1. Video advertising is measurable

You may be thinking how will you measure the success of your video marketing campaigns? All your question can be answered by smart and free tools like Facebook Analytics, Twitter Insights, YouTube Analytics, and many others. Depending on your specific needs, you can measure the success of your video advertising campaigns which is not possible in many other forms of advertising.

Keep in mind that you need to make short, informative, and engaging videos. Videos up to two minutes long are the most viewed ones on the internet. Keep them short and informative. For a quick inspiration, have a look at this beautiful collection from video production Los Angeles.

  1. Consumers love watching videos

Social media channels, website pages, and email marketing campaigns are full of videos these days. Why because people love watching videos. Rather spending time on a lengthy press release or a product description, people prefer watching professional quality videos. Let’s have a look at some fresh statistics to understand this better.

According to a report, 82% of Twitter users watch videos on Twitter. Almost one-third of total internet users watch videos on YouTube. Over 87% of online marketers use videos to advertise and promote their products and services. The data makes it very clear that you don’t need anything but videos because this is what people want from your business.

  1. Sharing is easy

It’s a no-brainer. Unless you have been living under a rock without the internet, you’re likely familiar with the number of videos people watch. If you don’t know, people on YouTube alone watch more than 500 million hours of videos each day. We are not even talking about WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, and other major social networks and video sharing platforms. You can imagine how big the numbers would be.

With free online tools and user-friendly web browsers and mobile apps, sharing videos is no more a hassle for anyone. Sharing of videos means more exposure and visibility for the brand.

  1. Content is king

Regardless of the channels and platforms you’re using to promote your products, content marketing should be your top priority. Videos being an integral part of content marketing are widely used and loved by people worldwide. Many other marketing elements can be replaced with new solutions, but videos are and will always be in demand.

Content sits at the top of all the marketing strategies because without content, advertising is impossible. Video production is an inseparable part of the content marketing and that’s why it needs to be given high priority. Did you know that one-third of the time that people spend on the internet is spent on videos?

  1. New technology favours videos

Almost all the social media apps have a dedicated support for videos. Web browsers are designed in a way that they can easily run videos. Take an example of any successful startup or established company and you will notice that they pay attention to video production. From Apple’s product videos to Facebook memories, the messages are conveyed well when they are in video format.

Another example of technology favouring videos is the arrival of Smart TVs, 4K monitors, VR, and mobile apps. There’s no place where videos don’t exist because video production is one of the ways companies communicate effectively with their target customers.

  1. Videos are a great source of organic traffic

Have you noticed that search engine result pages now include videos? All the major search engines including Google and Bing show videos on the search result pages. When users type something into the search box and search for it, these search engines bring relevant videos in search results.

Videos are a great way to increase organic traffic. Most of the platforms including YouTube and Vimeo allow you to add website links and description with your video. That way, you can not only gain organic traffic for your videos, but you can also convert those views into website visitors.

  1. Videos help you stand out

Customers choose businesses that are up to date. Being modern doesn’t mean a business has to be present on irrelevant platforms, but not being present where their target customers hang out is a big mistake. Video marketing is the new trend which is also being appreciated by consumers.

Choosing video production can be beneficial for businesses as it is a way to stand out. Most companies do it and that’s why it is one of the most popular content formats being used on social media and other popular platforms. A report from June 2017 suggested that on Facebook, views for branded video content increased to 258% and YouTube recorded a 99% growth last year.

  1. A video is the most persuasive form of content

Videos are a wonderful tool for lead generation. Videos create interest, capture the attention of customers, and persuade potential buyers to take action and share information. A Forbes report suggests that many Fortune 500 executives watch videos online and senior executives tend to visit vendors’ websites after watching a video. Even if all of them don’t do that, over 65% of senior executives visit such websites.

Video production is a way to answer questions your target customers have about your products, services, and brand. To do this well, you need to find a professional video production company, so a team of expert video makers, for example, companies like video production Los Angeles can help you get a branded video.

  1. You can make videos about anything

From product explainer videos to corporate videos and business events, video production can be a great idea to advertise. The best thing about this form of content is that it can be made for anything. You don’t need a certain set of occasions or events to create videos to advertise your brand. It can be as simple as an interview or as complex as explaining computer programming to a two-year-old kid.

A professional video production company can help you achieve your advertising goals without making your videos look pushy.

  1. Video production is cheap

There are well-known video production companies that offer video production services for businesses at a low price. You can easily find one such company and get your video advertising campaign running in no time.

Videos convey your message with a human touch. Videos are a great way of communicating with your loved ones and your customers. Make sure finding the right video production company and see how videos make a huge difference in your advertising campaigns.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - 10 Reasons Video Production Is the Best Method of Advertising
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