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10 Must Carry Luxury Travel Accessories While Traveling Around The World

When you are moving, certain things make your trip more enjoyable without any hassle. You can’t think of anything better when you find all your travel docs organized in a wallet.

You can glide from one point to the other wearing a perfect pair of shoes. You can also move with all your essentials in an indestructible, easy multi-wheel carry-on smoothly.

Besides, you can just be yourself on the flight with noise-canceling headphone and watch your favorite movie on iPad. Moreover, in the hotel, when you step into your cozy slippers and play music on portable Bluetooth speaker – the journey becomes a real pleasure.

Let’s check out ten hi-end luxury travel accessories to make your travel more enjoyable and happening.

Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II

These wireless noise-canceling headphones are perfect when you are traveling by air. Do not worry about any noise, be it the noise of the aircraft or cry of a baby or incessant coughing of someone near you or an extremely talkative woman, you enjoy your plane ride. The latest version of these headphones has inbuilt Google Assistant to make you stay connected even when you are out of your zone.  When you are wearing these, it merely conveys the message ‘do not disturb me this moment.’ More details.

A Hoodie

Never forget to carry a hoodie that is usable in multiple settings. You never know when you will get trapped into a chilled venue or shop or shivering in turbo AC on planes or watching the show in an over-air-conditioned venue-the only help is your hoodie which is perfect to keep you in a comfortable position to enjoy your traveling days. Once reserved for sidelines and sofas, the hooded sweatshirt has come a long way. For example, French luxury houses like Saint Laurent, offers classic hooded sweatshirt in French terrycloth, Worn-look hoodie with a drawstring and front pocket, etc.

Take the right shoes

The most important thing while you are traveling is that your feet are ok. If your feet hurt at the end of the day, you will feel awful to go out the next day. You have to choose a pair like Clarks that is comfortable for all-day wear. Remember if your feet are happy, you can enjoy your traveling the most.

Perfect carry-on

When you are traveling, you have to consider your luggage foremost. It should be lightweight multi-wheel carrier easy to maneuver with a comfortable handle to carry it all along like Rimowa Limbo Cabin Multiwheel. It should also be perfect in size to pack all your essentials so that you do not get worried about your carry- on while moving from one place to another. Another important thing is that it must fit into any cabin or overhead bin or under the seat and indestructible to rain and general wear and tear.

Electric Adaptor

You have multiple devices with you, and you need to charge them all. But you will be surprised to know that two-prong plug is not in use in every country. At least two universal adaptors are must to carry along wherever you go. These adaptors like Tumi have come with four plug configuration and are also attractively priced. You can use it in more than 150 countries, and the high-end version is also available. If you spend much time on the road, it’s a must.

Accessories case

You need to carry lots of accessories while traveling. If you do not put them correctly, it becomes a mess, and you have to ransack for the cables, chargers, and other items. A perfect accessories case like Valextra of ideal size works like a perfect organizer for your accessories. Every time you need anything, it is just in front of your eyes.

Travel Wallet

One thing you need for sure is a wallet with all your travel documents, multiple boarding passes, mobile phone, charger, headphone, e-cards, some currency and more. All you need is a wallet like Smythson in the proper size to fit all these items to keep them all available together right in your palm. It should have slots for everything and becomes as spacious as a clutch in need. The finishing has to be neat and soft to feel the comfort while holding.

iPad Mini

You will hardly feel bored if you have an iPad Mini. This device is compact and holds a charge for a reasonable amount of time. Before you set off, download your favorite movies or episodes of TV soaps in the device with the help of Netflix for the flight. It will be a significant game changer.

Portable Bluetooth speaker

It is very compact, and it just keeps you amused wherever you go. This lightweight speaker like Jawbone’s Mini Jambox comes in cool colors. You can listen to your favorite music not only in a hotel room but take it with you on the beach or poolside and even listen to it while taking a shower.


Slippers are something that you must not forget wherever you go to take along the comfort of your home. It’s soothing to have something soft and warm between your barefoot and the floor. The slipper-like Gucci or Versace Home is perfect for travel.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - 10 Must Carry Luxury Travel Accessories While Traveling Around The World
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