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Meet The Top Polish Fashion Designer Ela Piorun

To learn more how about, where the Polish fashion industry may see growth, what’s holding it back, and where priorities should land, we interviewed “Ela Piorun.

Ela, please tell us something about your brand, how all this started?

The year 2016 brought a breakthrough for which I was probably waiting. I came to the conclusion that this is the perfect moment to start my fashion adventure because as a mother of three children and a real estate advisor I will never have enough time to realize my dreams.

So I decided to create my own business. I love fashion, and I like beautiful clothes. I know what looks good on a person, what is suitable for the client’s size, I have a fashion instinct and a vision of design. So I started researching the market and the possibilities.

I was testing tailors’ workshops, and places were fabrics were purchased. I visited some of the most prominent fabrics exhibitions in Europe, including Première Vision in Paris. It was the hardest part, and it took the longest. The rest came naturally – creating a business plan, finding and planning the renovation of a boutique.

So it is still a very young brand?

That’s true. ELA PIORUN is a young brand, which has positioned itself very fast among leading Polish fashion brands. It also has important awards to its credit and very successful fashion shows performed.

So you are developing all the time?

… and I do it very dynamically! My brand was created from the passion for fashion.

Since, I remember I was into creating, designing, painting. I have always loved beautiful things. My house is full of paintings, unique souvenirs brought from overland trips.

And, I like to be surrounded by objects which are giving me inspiration and awakening my imagination. We are living fast, and we are pressed for time. Work – home – children. Passion is a luxury for many of us…

I am so happy that consequently, step by step, I managed to create a beautiful boutique with an atelier, which motivates, gives lot energy and where amazing new designs are created.

What sparked your interest in fashion? When did your adventure with fashion start?

During my childhood – my mother was a fashion designer, an exceptional one because she was sewing for herself, for my two sisters and me.

Her brilliant ideas were very inspiring for me, I was watching her work, and we were designing together surprising creations. My mother was able to create the most beautiful pieces, even if, those days the access to interesting fabrics was limited.

Her dresses were drawing attention, and they were mainly timeless. I owe my love for fashion to my Mom.

What are the critical elements of your brand?

The philosophy of my brand focuses on elegance in comfortable version. It is visible both in my designs and in my boutique. During the renovation of my atelier, I focused on the interior design, and I wanted to create space where I will feel good, where I will be able to develop my passion and skills. My great desire was to create a pleasant atmosphere, an environment where women feel at home and want to return to.

Who are your clients mainly?

My clients are women of every age and ethnicity, who wish to look good. The woman’s age is of no importance to me – I am creating for every woman! DNA of ELA PIORUN fashion brand is design for every woman and every occasion.

Do you have any visible names or women who appear in the media as your clients?

Each client is important to me, but more and more women from the front pages are dressing in outfits by ELA PIORUN. Including actress, opera singers, celebrities, businesswoman, and also the Polish First Lady – Agata Kornhauser – Duda. Mr. President’s wife is my regular client and the ambassador of my Brand. I am so proud of it, and I am glad to know that woman fell in love with my designs.

What are your short-term goals for you career stream?

One of my greatest advantage, which I value the most, is my planning ability. My short- and long-term goals are set out in a detailed manner for next five years, per the principle “Step by step to the future success.” This year will show if the projects are realistic for the planned time-frame.

I have a broad outlook and imagination, but when it comes to business, I am trying to keep my feet firmly on the ground. Naturally, I would like my brand ELA PIORUN to be placed among the most well-known foreign fashion brands, presenting the same international level.

What inspires you to create and to design new collections?

I’m inspired by people on the streets of great metropolis. I’m observing more and more self-assured looks. In Poland, women have a natural sense of aesthetics of their clothing, and in the natural chic way, they are presenting their sensuality, emphasizing their sex appeal. Nature and the greatest former fashion designers’ creations are also very inspirational for me.

How can you describe the latest collection?

The latest collection named „Violet music” SS’18 is a combination of romantic cutting of the fabric and the freshness of violets’ fragrance, it is a violet of the glow of the sunset during early springtime. “Violet music” collection is inspired by the painting “Three Musicians” by Pablo Picasso, dated 1921. The uniqueness of the garment for the spring/summer season comes from its sublime concepts, but also they are perfectly suitable for the woman’s lifestyle, and they come with elegance – the factor which is always in my mind.

What style is the closest to you?

Most definitely, the ’60s, which goes with simple and modest women clothes. They can be characterized by dresses with a lower waist, mini, timeless coats with a box-like cut. Very fashionable was the classic black and white combination. The style icons were Twiggy Lawson, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn – a friend of Hubert de Givenchy.

What are your long-term goals?

In 5, 10, 15 years, I would like to have more and more satisfied clients, who will boldly emphasize that they made an excellent choice dressing up in the creations of ELA PIORUN. At the same time I care about the development of the brand, I would like to have more boutiques in Poland and abroad.

Ela Piorun Boutique.
Nowolipki 13, 00-151 Warsaw, Poland.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Meet The Top Polish Fashion Designer Ela Piorun
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