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Forbes ranking of best and worst countries for business in 2018 [Infographic]

Europe’s third largest economy, the United Kingdom, has been crowned the world’s best country in which to do business, according to the Forbes ranking 2018, followed by New Zealand and the Netherlands.

The other countries in the top 10, in descending order, are Sweden, Canada, Hong Kong, Denmark, Ireland, Singapore and Switzerland.

The United States ranked 12th, with Germany 13th, Belgium 17th, Spain 20th, France 22nd, and and Italy 29th.

The countries coming in at the bottom of the ranking are Chad (No. 153), Gambia (No. 152), and Haiti (No. 151).

Best Countries for Business 2018Worst Countries for Business 2018
1. United Kingdom
2. New Zealand
3. The Netherlands
4. Sweden
5. Canada
6. Hong Kong
7. Denmark
8. Ireland
9. Singapore
10. Switzerland
1. Chad (153rd)
2. Gambia
3. Haiti
4. Afghanistan
5.  Libya
6. Yemen
7. Guinea
8. Burundi
9. Zimbabwe
10. Venezuela (144th)

The best and worst countries for business in 2018

=> The UK was ranked 2nd out of 153 nations in CEOWORLD magazine’s “World’s Best Countries To Do Business In 2018”.

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