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6 iOS App Development Trends for a High-Tech 2018

One of the immense industries on the planet, the Mobile app ecosystem seems to bloom incredibly in 2018. The industry encloses around millions of app developers, billions of Smartphone users and last but not the least giant companies that drive the industry such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

No doubt, iPhone, and its applications are major aspects of this industry and being part of the industry have proven its potentials through exceptional iPhone apps till the date. When it comes to iPhone App Development it is quite a big challenge for the development companies and developers to survive in such competitive environment.

Whatever you bring, develop or innovate should be powerful and market compatible, so as to stand distinct and be prominent. The best iPhone apps for developers and firms must ensure and have great practice over the measure of user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization strategies for their iOS applications. Looking after the updated, the latest and acclaimed technology trends in each year will definitely beneficial to achieve and understand the whole market scenario.

The upcoming year that is 2018 will be full of opportunities and surprises for the iPhone audience as some High-Tech trends will be extensively contributing in iPhone App Development Services resulting robust iPhone apps.

As per the latest updates of iOS11 from WWDC 2017, it is predicted that the iOS app development will be having a fantastic curve in 2018 with these updated technology trends. To diminish your curiosity we are narrating most important of them.

Augmented Reality for iOS 11 using ARKit

The emerging trend of AR integration with the mobile apps is now more effective and constructive in iPhone app development with Apples ARKit. This framework introduced by iOS 11 has extreme potential to build unique AR experience for iPhone and iPad. ARKit merges the digital information and objects with your surrounding environment bringing apps beyond the screen and provides a new way to let them interact with the real world.

ARKit incorporates distinctive attributes which makes it highly applicable for iPhone app development.

  • High-Performance Hardware

ARKit runs on the Apple A9, A10, and A11 processors which deliver high performance that enables fast understanding of the scene and lets you create compelling and detailed virtual content on top of real-world scenes.

  • Rendering Optimizations

You can avail the optimizations for ARKit in SceneKit, Metal, and third-party tools such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

  • Lighting Estimation

Using camera sensor ARKit estimates the total light existing in a scene and applies the exact amount of light to virtual objects.

  • Visual Inertial Odometry

For accurate tracking of the surrounding world, ARKit uses Visual Inertial Odometry which combines the camera sensor data with Core Motion data.

Core ML – Machine learning

Developers seeking ways to craft intelligent apps can avail and apply this emerging trend to their iOS app development as it enables a more meaningful experience. The Core ML which is a new basic machine learning framework is used across many Apple products such as Siri, QuickType, and Camera, allow you to make apps with distinct features writing a few code lines.

The core ML lets you integrate the computer vision machine learning features into your iOS app. Some of the features include landmarks, face tracking, text detection, face detection, barcode detection rectangle detection, image registration, and object tracking.

Machine learning helps the natural language processing APIs to clearly understand text using features such as tokenization, language identification, part of speech, named entity recognition and lemmatization.

iOS 11 – Swift4

Swift is a compiled general-purpose programming language and an innovation of Apple for iOS, tvOS, and macOS. Building app with Swift is fun as the syntax is concise yet expressive. It supports almost all Apple platforms and Linux as well.

Swift 4 which is developed in the open at Swift.org, consist the bug tracker, source code, and mailing and is available for everyone. It implements the strengths of Swift 3 and delivers high stability and robustness.

iPhone App Development  would be more interesting and productive with Swift4 framework since it comes with several meaningful and useful features like:

  • Smart key paths for, efficient, type-safe, extensible key-value coding for Swift types
  • Enhanced Dictionary and Set types creation
  • Exclusive access to memory

Artificial intelligence for Siri

The new craze and Apple’s creation; Siri an intelligent personal assistance is now can be more enhanced with AI, so that it can better understand what you want and speak. Also with AI feature integration, Siri can act as a task manager of sorts, providing access to banking in the Citi Mobile app.

The AI can make Siri perform as the medium for users to command Apple services and perceive content and information from them.

Apple PAY

The Apple PAY is trending approach implemented to buy goods and services in your iOS app. The developers can integrate Apple PAY in iOS application to bring the convenient way of buying and selling of the physical goods like clothing, groceries, and appliances.

Availing Apple Pay you can build powerful and market compatible apps for different services such as hotel reservations, tickets for events and club memberships. Moreover, some approved nonprofits can utilize Apple Pay within an app for collecting donations.

Apple Pay provides a secure and easy way to send and receive money from family and friends right in Messages. The main advantage of Apple PAY is reduced risk for app developers to secure and manage actual debit and credit numbers of the customers since Apple does not share and store a customer’s credit and debit information.

Apple HomeKit

It will be never wrong decision to go with Apple HomeKit while developing Smart home iPhone apps. You can build an iPhone app using Apple HomeKit, to allow users to handle the connected accessories in their home; also users are able to group actions and trigger them via Siri.

Apple HomeKit allows all home automation devices to work together in conformity with iOS. The IoT developers can centralize entire home automation without requiring separate apps for accessing each feature of the device.


These updated tech trends in iOS11 can be utilized in effectual way to formulate top-notch iPhone apps, just need find appropriate and creative minds. Don’t let competitors to ruin your dream for powerful iPhone app, make a quick decision and be on top in market trends.

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