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How To Combat Challenges Of In-App Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Global mobile broadband internet users are reaching…. sorry reaching must be a wrong use of the word, actually surpassing the expected limits. The figures reached to 56.4 out of 100 global populations according to Statista.

The current figures are also expected to jack up in the near future that too with the native mobile app. Let me let you in on a little secret on what these people are doing all day dug deep in their mobile phone. Not staring at the big beautiful screen for sure. Paying bills, baking, shopping, planning a holiday, booking flights, playing games, ordering food, or chatting with their close ones. Well, what do they need for that, a smart phone, internet connectivity, and mobile apps? So, a bright path to build your career and generate quick revenue, right?

So, building a mobile app and head your ways right towards affiliate marketing, one of the tried and tested tactics to hit the revenue box. Well, sorry to wake you up from your sweet dreams but it is not that easy. Native app developers are really talented nerds who are a pro in crafting apps that give the excellent user experience and an app that gives two sided benefits both to the users and also to the company. But, this is not 2008 when the app store just had 500 apps and new apps don’t have to struggle for survival or rank at the top in the app store. This is 2017 where there are 2.8 million apps in the Google play store and 2.2 million in the Apple app store.

Astonishing, right? Well, the market has gone global and grown competitive and affiliate marketing is not that easy to apply and generate revenue so promptly and easily.

Here are some of the challenges and ways to combat them when it comes to in app mobile affiliate marketing.

1) Lack of affiliate advertiser

There are affiliate marketers who revamped to the smartphone world and outburst with a mobile alternative destination. In a situation where customers refrain from finishing the purchase from their mobile device then they will get zero commission. The dilemma here is why you need a mobile alternative destination? The answer is not one or two are going mobile, the entire globe is going mobile. This drags you to develop apps and sites that bring API into the picture and are mobile friendly.

2) Contact geo-fractured affiliate network

To go global in the affiliate marketing, you have to be in touch with multiple affiliate accounts having a local network like LinkShare. What you need to do is open the advertiser’s accounts by making use of the networks. Well, yes, I do know it’s not an easy peasy job but it is something mandatory and must be done. Well, certain countries demand regional bank account and certain countries are also devoid of affiliate networks even for the gigantic advertisers like Apple iTunes. Well, if you think this is mere porkies, then China is one such country you can take the example of.

There can be a scenario where things are prejudiced when it comes to the website. You might be asked to enter the publisher website URL in the application form. Well, yes, it’s an issue, you might have it for mobile and not for the site. If you leave it blank your application will be rejected right away and you will be refrained from joining the network. So, what you need to do is fill the application and send a fresh email explaining affiliate network. This won’t be getting you through overnight but slowly and gradually.

3) Picking the apt advertising product

Not all the categories of an app available in your advertiser’s online store have a demand in the global market. Every affiliate marketing differs from place to place and from country to country. Hunt for some effective tools, indulge into deep research and come up with something that can help you scrutinize the app availability in the global market with most demanded features.

4) Divert traffic from mobile to affiliate advertiser

Now, when you are done with having multiple accounts with diversified networks, it’s high time you find ways of diverting the traffic from native mobile app to your suitable affiliate advertiser. Well, there is a way out with technology at its peak to adopt a powerful linking that chooses the right network itself that can drive the right traffic to the right channel.

5) Fall short in data optimization

One of the biggest mistake that affiliate marketers make is despite having the significant amount of data not making the optimum utilization of it. These data can be efficiently used for entailing offers but do they do this? No. Users really adore and appreciate a regular content update. This builds trust, reliability and user engagement and most importantly user satisfaction.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - How To Combat Challenges Of In-App Mobile Affiliate Marketing

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