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How to Create Effective Instagram Stories for Traffic and Conversions

Do you use Instagram for marketing?

Pondering over how Instagram stories work?

We all know that nowadays Instagram is the buzz word. Most of the marketers are using Instagram for promoting their business, brand name and products. You too can boost your brand image globally.

In 2016, Instagram launched one of its biggest feature in the social media world i.e. “Instagram Stories”. As per the Techcrunch report, 100 million daily active users engage with the Instagram stories. So, now you can imagine how much important is instagram for all the marketers, and organizations.

For many social media marketers, it’s very difficult task to generate engaging and eye-catching instagram stories. It’s also hard to track and measure effectively. But, you can track the data of your instagram stories with the help of Instagram analytics tools.

Free Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

  1. Instagram Insights
  2. Socialbakers
  3. Simply Measured
  4. Union Metrics
  5. Square Lovin

All these tools help you track your Instagram daily activities. By getting the stats from these tools you can easily make the plan for your Instagram marketing.

What are Instagram Stories?

As we know that, Instagram Stories was released mid-2016. It is very interesting and creative feature introduced by Instagram Team. Your created stories exist on the home tab at the top of your feed, which is only visible on mobile devices. By the help of this feature, you can share multiple photos and videos, and they appear together in a “slideshow format”.

But remember one thing….. This will disappear after 24 hours

You can add text and doodles to your photos and videos. Just look at the Instagram profile of Quovantis Technologies which is a product development company. They are handling their Instagram channel very well. They add posts which are related to designers, leadership, company culture, and joy of living.

How to Make an Attractive Instagram Story

Creating stories on Instagram is very simple.

Open your Instagram profile, and tap the camera icon in the top-left corner to launch the Stories camera:

Tap and release the shutter to take a photo, or tap and hold it to record video:

You can also post a photo or video that’s already saved on your phone gallery by swiping down and selecting the file that you’d like to use.

Before posting, you have the option to customize your photo or video. You can use the Aa option in the top-right corner to add text and the pen icon to the left of it to add a drawing. You can also swipe left and right to add a filter. Save your new masterpiece by tapping the downward-facing arrow in the bottom-right corner:

Importance of Instagram Stories

If you are working with B2B or B2C organizations then brand promotion is important for you. On Instagram, stories are the best way to increase the visibility of the brand.

According to most popular marketing blog eMarketer, Instagram’s advertising platform already generated $1.5 billion in 2016 alone. And the expectations says this figure will grow to $5 billion by 2018.

By creating attractive Instagram stories, your content is more visible to your followers.

Make the Instagram stories that will build your brand awareness and make your followers happy. Eye-catching Instagram stories will help you to increase your number of followers on Instagram.

Instagram Plan for Better Engagement

Connect Instagram with FB page or Twitter

  • Steps to connect FB with Instagram – To get started, go to the Facebook page and click Settings in the top-right corner. In the left column, click Instagram Ads and then click the Add an Account button on the right.
  • Select Add an Existing Account, enter your Instagram username and password and click confirm.

Create Instagram Stories for better engagement

  • In January, Instagram launched a new feature called full-screen Instagram Stories. We can try to make attractive Instagram stories.
  • The users have the option to skip in Instagram stories. So we need to grab viewer’s attention immediately

Link FB or Twitter via Instagram

  • Go to Instagram Setting → Linked Account → Choose the account which you want to link (FB/Twitter)
  • Use the option Invite Friends. We can send a direct invitation to all our Twitter and FB followers.

Increase Instagram Followers

  1. Use relevant hashtags
  • Don’t use more hashtags than words
  • Don’t use hashtag everything
  1. Join relevant community


  1. Start commenting or liking others photo


  1. Share video – In the year 2016 to till date, Video is the best way to increase engagement or brand awareness. It’s also the best way to increase the number of followers.


  1. Post Strategically – Try to schedule the 3-4 post on a daily basis at different time zone. After some days you get an idea on which particular day or time is best for you to get more engagement.

The views expressed in this opinion piece are those of the author (Harmeet Singh) alone and not the CEOWORLD magazine.

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