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10 Big Data Trends To Watch Out This Year And beyond

This year, all those hype of the term big data became a norm which was building back in the start of 2010. The technology is revolving around the big data now because it has become the new currency with the increased ROI via enhanced productivity and minimal risk.

The year 2017 is proving to be the biggest year for the big data both regarding volume and variety. Moreover, this increase is indicating that we are going to see those systems that are going to process the data in more real-time.

The anticipations from this year are very high, and big data has now the biggest point of discussion among the geeks. That is why it is important that we should also discuss the big data and just analyze what trends of big data are going to dominate this year. In the next lines, you are going to read the 10 top notch big data trends to watch out this year.

  1. Hadoop:

The increase in the use of Hadoop has already started with this year. The organizations are now adopting the big data and multiple Hadoop solutions at much faster pace. With the help of Hadoop and advanced analytics, the companies are able to process the large volume and variety data to dig the valuable information and use it to make the decisions which are the right to make profits.

  1. IoT, Cloud and Big Data:

This year everyone is expecting that every little thing in technology is going to be the integral part that can send back all the information to the mothership. The phenomenon called Internet of things or IoT generates TBs of data from which, major portion get deployed on the cloud. That is why companies are shifting to the internet of people IoT from IoT. All the industries are trying to grow a predictive analysis around the human behavior, interactions and other cognitive areas. For example, the machine learning techniques have been increased in the hospitals to predict the likelihood of the relapse of the disease. This will help them to predict the health of the custom in the future and when he is going to need the hospital care again after discharge.

  1. An increase in the use of dark data:

Companies have begun to troll the paper based wealth of information like documents, photos, videos and other corporate assets that were led in vaults and storage closets to the big data aggregation. With this aggregation, the companies are now getting a complete view of their past trends, performance and cycles that are helping them to construct the planning for the future. That is why companies are trying to convert their all wrongs into the rights by dumping the information into the big dark data so the authorities cannot get their hands on them.

  1. Smarter Deep Learning:

2016 experienced the significant increase in the algorithm development which holds the key to change the society. Algorithms are our way to go. It has become the part of every aspect of our life from translating the languages which it does not know to detecting a criminal just by analyzing its image of a face. Whatever we have accomplished in artificial intelligence is all based on the algorithm which is only possible because of the deep learning. Deep learning and machine learning are the subordinates and inspired by neural networks of our brain. The objective of the deep learning or the fundamental of artificial technology is to create the artificial neural network which can find the patterns in a vast amount of data. That is why the use of deep learning and machine learning has become the trend in organizations with the increased computer power and large available data sets to predict the human behaviors and using it for the betterment of organizations.

  1. Stronger data security permissions:

The companies are moving all of their data in the same digital vault. However, this shifting of data has caused the issues like access permission. That is why the companies are tightening their data permissions to make sure that each data user has the correct access permission in correct place. For this, the experts are using the technology that monitors and detects potential data exfiltration and revising the data access permission policies as well. The data exfiltration is the process in which the user cannot copy, transfer or retrieve the data which is out of his clearance without the admin authorization.

  1. Reducing the talent gap:

Since the use of big data analysis increased in the market, it has been noticed that the need of talent for the data analyst also increased. That is why the academic institutions have also started special diplomas and degrees in the big data analysis to meet the demands for this talent. Since the big data analyst has emerged as the key instrument in the success of any organization, the employees from all the industries are also understanding and appreciating the work of analyst in the success of any business.

  1. The collaboration of Business and Science:

Because of the success stories due to the big data is evolving among the different organizations, the new and small companies are also taking it seriously and investing heavily to collaborate their business with science. Companies are learning and deploying scientific techniques or pattern matching with the help of artificial intelligence for big data analytic.

  1. Super intelligent application:

The technologies like robots, drones, driverless vehicles and any other of IoT are getting much smarter now due to the increase in big data. These devices are getting a lot better at understanding the user due to the data that is feed in the application and its analytics done by the artificial intelligence. These smart devices are connected with the applications like Siri, Alexa, Viv, Cortana and Google Home that is why it is discovering the endless possibilities and getting smarter and smarter with the feeding of big data.

  1. Analytics across the board:

The analytics were only limited to the company’s departments like marketing, risk management and sales. The heads of the companies were only analyzing the other department on the basis of their attendance and behaviors. But now analytics is pervading in the entire organizational departments. Data analytics is now getting in use for the departments like business operations. Because of this, companies are discovering new ways to develop and enhance the performances of the department which is ultimately helping the companies to grow in their every department. The insights and information that the decision makers of any company are getting from the data analytics are helping them to derive such policies, which not only help the employees to work seamlessly but also the owners in building up the overall environment of the business.

  1. Immediately actionable data:

Every executive and line manager want a data on which he or she can take actions immediately. They don’t want to wait for the approval of other departments which cause the delays and then the managers have to answer those delays in front of top management. However, this issue has now become the part of the past because they are using the big data analytics technology in their office work. They have equipped their IT team to generate the analytics and build an artificial intelligently report which not only point out the loopholes but also the solutions of filling those gaps.


Written by: Thomas Gil is a professional writer and blogger who loves to write on the technology, education and the services which are the result of the mixture of tech and education like help with assignment. He is a tech geek and a philanthropist who writes with the motive of spreading the knowledge of education throughout the world.

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