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Mixed and Mismatched: What happened to these Clothes?

Fashion can be a little crazy sometimes, and when fashion fails netizen wails. Every minute, there is at least one piece of clothing released to the market. Some of them go viral and trendy while others are dumped.

Fashion fans and fashion critics often get excited when favorite brands do collaborations. Most are excited to see the finished products and all are eager to grab their own for their closets. However, sometimes partnerships create a big mess in the fashion world.

Mix-and-match might be the favorite term for every fashionista, but sometimes mixing and matching can be disastrous. Few brands successfully pass mixing and matching while others just degrade the name of fashion.

Fashion disasters are often blamed to the designers and their designing skills. Some also question the credibility of the brand while creating clothing pieces. How do they manage their brand’s reputation? Are their sales affected because of their “ugly” release? Does it also affect the whole business?

Here are some of the clothing pieces that netizen labeled as the ugliest piece in their respective categories:

Uggs x Teva Collaboration: The Coziest Footwear

There’s an uproar when Uggs & Teva released their collaboration and labeled it as the coziest sandals. Both companies joined hand-in-hand to make the boot-sandal hybrid. However, while both brands have a positive expectation, the netizen reacted in an exactly opposite manner and labeled it as the ugliest shoes.

The features of the footwear view a crossbreed of both brands. It has a shape of a regular Teva with a chunk of fleecy sheepskin on the top part of the foot and the heel. However, the toes remained exposed.

The wooly part of the shoes made the footwear comfortable. The velcro straps made it feel like a mattress. But instead of creating good results, both companies ended up failing everyone’s expectations. The hybrid footwear is a good example that collaborations can be harmful sometimes.

Revealing Topshop’s Clear Knee Mom Jeans

The mom jeans that made everyone a fashion critic. Nordstrom is selling the iconic Clear Knee Mom Jeans from Topshop for $95. Immediately after being launched, “fashion critics” posted their thoughts about the jeans.

Some were even shocked that Topshop released a “trash.” The public named it as a low-quality piece of clothing. Sure, the jeans divided the internet. Some people loved it, and there are those who hated it.

It is a good example of a failed mix-and-match situation. Topshop’s upgrade version of the mom jeans is one of its kind. The latest mom jeans have a rectangular cut-out covered with a clear plastic over the knee.
With a lot of negative comments surfacing online about the jeans, there are positive ones regarding the jeans. Well, just pat some baby powder on the knees to avoid some sweating. It looks like Topshop leaped way over the box just to create their latest piece.

The Top that Needs to Go: Cold Shoulder Top

Well, maybe the ruckus about cold shoulder top isn’t as intense as the first two mentioned. However, most fashion people demands that it needs to die down. Cold Shoulder Top is famous for always getting on the list of trends that needs to die.

Some may love the clothing piece and considered it as one of the real trends. There are other that calls it trashy, even the one from expensive brands. Yes, it is sexy and flattering. However, if you look at it closely, it sounds like a shoulder top that someone has cut a hole.

What is it suppose to flaunt? Women’s shoulder blades? Or their armpit holes? It can be part of the clothing sale, but maybe for once, companies should stop ruining a beautiful dress or top.

Cold Shoulder Top is an experiment that has gone wrong. Its features didn’t elaborate its functions. Off-shoulder top combined with a sleeveless top isn’t the most successful clothing piece in the fashion world.


The fashion items listed above are the items that received negative feedbacks from netizen. Even if the public considered them as ugly pieces, they are still getting a fair share of advertising. Bad publicity is still publicity after all.

The question as to what the company says about their creations still lingers. Does it affect the sales of the business or are the fashion items just coys to attract the attention of the public?

Written by: Jenny Park is a fashion designer that has passion in writing. She does best in both world, so she spends her free time writing for fashion blogs to share the latest trends and also her idea about fashion trends.

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