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Social Scientist And Author Of The Mastery Of You, 2017 [Book Review]

The Mastery of You by Dr Renu Persaud

Let the New Year be a time to work on your inner You. Let it be a time for self-mastery. The relevance and importance of mastering the Self is a timely one, says Dr Persaud.  Your success as a strong and empathetic human being flows from the intent and consistency of self-mastery in your life.

Self-mastery is a lifelong process, ad infinitum, writes Dr Persaud in her book which will be relaeased in 2017.  And, while we can all begin a genuine practice of self-mastery at any time in our lives, there’s no better time than the beginning of a new year.

Dr Persaud believes that ultimate happiness comes from personal interactions with the Self. The kindness and perspective we gain from a strong sense of self, in turn, extends to others during our interactions.   As a social scientist, and lecturing professor, she has conducted extensive research on self-worth.  She finds that there is one predictor that nourishes self-worth, and that is self-mastery.  She further states that social interactions are paramount to an ardently healthy life.  While we foster and “work” on our interactions with others, we often fail to practice interaction with the most important part of our existence, the Self.

She outlines extensively, concrete practices that foster Self-interaction.  She gives us a step-step guide which includes what she terms as “The Paradox of Selfishness.”  Her rules give us a breakthrough understanding of gaining the mastery of the Self by way of “alone time.”  Her conceptions are innovative and gaining much attention.

She encourages us to be enthusiastic about the Self, to stop looking for reinforcement from outside the Self.  She notes that this means is we must spend quality time with the “I” part of the Self, while the ‘me” is the social Self.  Often, we spend alone time completing errands and ‘me-time’ becomes about things outside the Self.  This she notes does not nourish the spirit.  Time for you is when your focus transcends completely and unrelentingly on your thoughts and feelings, your thoughts are not diluted, a concept she discusses in the book.

Spending moments in solitude is important to the practice of self-mastery. Once we begin to practice and realize the extent to which it quells outer distraction, we obtain an inner peace that is powerful and strong. Eventually, we seek it out.  We become enthusiastic about our personal sacred moments of self-mastery. We are led to peacefulness.  By approaching the new year with a greater sense of clarity from knowing the Self, our life goals and emotions about things does not seem muffled.  We move our focus from what exists only on the outside.

Self mastery manifests a sense that you are capable of a higher, happier presence. The effect is we feel balanced in our emotions and our year begins more positively. A strong self is magnetic, others are drawn towards you. Your presence sends a message that I am strong, because I believe in me.  Hence, I have what it takes to nurture your ability to believe in yourself too.

Projection is another tool she discusses in her book. Your energy and confidence derived from the practice of self-mastery is projected on to others.  When you know yourself, you act naturally and respectfully toward others, whether you are immersed in a corporate, educational, political, cultural environment, being “nice” just takes less energy.  You project a positive sense of self because of your confidence. This energy draws others in and can aid in growth and productivity.

Admire yourself she writes. This is not a narcissistic, in awe of you type of admiration, but one derived from feeling good that your mastered-self, can help others to feel and be their best too.  This is the greatest effect of self-mastery, when we practice and feel positively, we treat others positively. Bring in the new year with thoughtfulness in your life.

Dr Persaud discusses how we must be thoughtful in our professional, corporate and personal worlds.To move forward, we must treat others kindly in order to attain the things we want.  Thoughtfulness begins with you. You must be thoughtful and considerate of you. Once you attend to your own needs, then you have the tools to be thoughtful toward others. Once the art of self-mastery is practiced with consistency, it will become a part of a more enriched life.  You will yearn to just “be” and look forward to the time you will spend with your own undecorated self, in solitude.

The Mastery of You
Author: Dr. Renu S. Persaud PhD
About: Dr Renu Persaud is an accomplished Canadian social scientist, professor, lecturer, and author.
Publisher: Waldorf Publishing (October 15, 2017)
Available on: Amazon.com
Follow Dr Renu Persaud on Twitter: @PersaudRenu.

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