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The Success Code: Exploring the Paradigm Shift in Technologies

Success By Technologies

Innovation when meets technology, miracles happen! Since the advent of internet, there has been an explosion of ‘Eureka’ moments that have created tremendous growth and advancement in every possible area of our lives. Businesses have immensely benefitted from this development in technology for those who have understood how to harness its power.

Here is a documentation of the progression of technologies in a series of paradigm shifting events that have happened in the recent years that has reshaped the business strategies into new and more efficient processes with outstanding gains.

Cell phone to Smartphone

We live in an era where the technology has taken a great leap from mere calling or texting over a phone, into the times when you own a media to connect to the world which is just a click away. A pocket-sized Smartphone has revolutionised our living. We now carry our little digital personal computer all the time with media player, event calendar, GPS Navigation, digital camera and a personal media manager. With its huge variety of apps, including those of business tools, it has made business a lot more convenient. Applications such as Moneycontrol, The Economic Times, Google My Business and many more have made it easier to take hold of business management to a new level.

Lightening fast Internet

The boom in Smartphone popularity was followed by another revolution of much faster cellular networks and wireless data connections to ease the experience of video streaming, apps functioning and web searches on search engines as important source of information. Advanced internet speed has offered a wide possibility of expansion, rapid data transfer and flexibility to contemporary businesses. It has improved the prospects of high-quality market research and effective implementation of industrial reconnaissance. Distribution and services of companies now is no longer restricted and is reachable to millions of people using internet which supplements better probability for expansion.

Get Social through Social Media

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have and continue to introduce new entrepreneurs that do not need a desk and office to sit in. For what matters most is, if you have a noticeable presence on social media, it becomes much easier for your customers to find you and connect with you. By connecting with your customers on social media, it increases your brand awareness and retention of customers. Daily active engagement will help improve data for targeted customers and use of relevant information to improve business agility by effective decisions.

Social media is the biggest intermediate to direct people to your website, increase website traffic and thereby increasing business possibilities.

Messaging with a whole new experience

Instant messaging (IM) being one of the biggest digital achievements facilitates masses with improved messaging and additional voice call feature within a few seconds irrespective of the geographical distances. In the business world where ‘time is money’, technology permits workers and associates to chat with each other quickly and privately. It saves a lot of time since messages immediately appear on the screen of your Smartphone and there is less chance of skipping anything important that needs to be delivered. IM also reduces workplace interference as there is no call to be answered. The technical architecture can vary depending on the IM protocol based on either peer-to-peer or client-server.

Audio Broadcasting for everyone

Podcast although not new but not popularly used is a more advanced audio broadcasting on the internet. With this amazing digital media, you can broadcast your views and vision of your pioneering business that a hundred thousand people can listen and you can be followed by your admiring listeners. The convenience that comes along with this is you can save on energy and time looking for methods to reach out to your target audience. Podcast is a powerful tool that jolts conventional media systems such as journalism and entertainment by giving everybody the freedom to distribute news and media.

Being on-screen was never this easy

YouTube is the best tool for effective video marketing to reach millions not only for artists or celebrities but also for the entrepreneurs. Once your videos are up on YouTube, it is easy to integrate them to any social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, making your business more exposed to the masses, thereby increasing chances to expand. The creative videos you post captivates the target audience that may become your prospective customers. It is always persuasive to share your ideas through a well designed video via cost effective strategy. The effect is such that your business could penetrate far beyond the reach of regular televisions. Better still, if this tool is used together with social media, the potential is exponential.

Books that could also be heard

Now, millions of readers and aspirants can be reached through intermediates like Independent publishing services such as Print books and audio books are handy tools to ‘spread your work using words’ for the people who are fond of reading but do not have the time to read. Audio books such as Business Adventures, $100 Startup, The Startup for You and more have provided entrepreneurs with lessons in all areas of business. Filled with personal experiences and strategies for various tasks, the audio books are quick taught information that would add to business practices. If you are an expert in your domain, try writing a book or an audio book and be an inspiration for others as well.

Video Conferencing from any corner of the world

Webinars or video conferencing is a business strategy for face-to-face interaction when it is not convenient in person. For any business, ‘seeing is believing’. Using webinar gives you live connect and direct communication to either parties to introduce services or to know what the other party has to present to you. It is a win-win in either case. You can also train your employees; provide them with methodology or anything they need by sitting at your home office saving on time and travel. The sessions on webinars can also be recorded for future references ensuring that things are done as told and do not go wrong in any way. Webinars are not just used for conferencing, they are also beneficial for creating brand awareness and increasing audience following.

Digital Personal organizers & Storage

Online systems like Evernote and Dropbox stores anything and everything you need to. It may be a webpage, videos, voice memos, any document and files. These tools can be used personally or even for your business. Items here can be organized personally or by the system itself by tagging and sorting in a way that makes them searchable to save on time. An organised folder on Evernote is handy to share with a colleague if you two are working together. Dropbox on the other hand apart from sharing drives is a great tool to sync files and folders of your choice on your computer and access them offline whenever required. It provides cheap and convenient storage.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - The Success Code: Exploring the Paradigm Shift in Technologies

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